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Finding you the best energy plans

How to Switch Your Texas Energy Company

Aug 09 2022

In Texas’s deregulated electricity market, you have the power to choose which Texas energy company powers your home. This means that there may come a time when you would like to switch your electricity provider. Luckily, the process is usually easy to complete. 

Why would I want to switch my Texas energy company?

You may want to switch to another Texas power company for a number of reasons, including:

  • Your current plan is expiring. 

According to the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT), you can change your retail electric provider (REP) without incurring an early termination fee if you switch less than 14 days before your contract expiration date. (And, if you take no action before that date, your current REP will continue serving you. However, you’ll be put on a month-to-month plan by default. This type of plan often has a higher rate than a fixed-rate plan.) So, you may find this to be the ideal time to try a new Texas energy company.

  • You’re moving. 

Yes, most Texas electric companies can continue providing you power if you move somewhere within their service area. But you don’t have to stay with the same provider in your new place. By showing proof of your change of address, you can often exit your current contract without an early termination fee. 

  • Your current plan no longer meets your needs. 

Maybe you’ve changed how much energy you use, or what time of day you use it most, or you want to live greener by using renewable energy. Sometimes, you may just need an electric plan that fits better with your current lifestyle. And if your current Texas electric company does not offer what you need, you may need to make a switch.

  • You found a better offer.

Shopping for electricity can often lead you to an offer that’s better than what your current electricity company provides. Whether you found a lower electricity rate, more convenience or additional incentives, a switch may appeal to you.

  • You’re not happy with your current provider.

If you’ve had poor customer service from your current REP, you may be looking to switch. Finding a Texas electricity company you can trust can make all the difference in your satisfaction.

Can I switch my Texas energy company or plan?

As long as you’re not in debt to your current Texas electric company and you don’t have a switch-hold on your account, you’re free to switch. However, if you do owe your current provider money, you must pay off your balance before you choose a different one.

How do I switch my electric company or plan?

It’s actually not difficult to switch your Texas energy company; however, you should check your Electricity Facts Label before taking any action. This will tell you if you have to pay an early termination fee for switching. (But remember, if you’re within 14 days of your contract expiration date, you don’t have to pay a penalty.)

Do I need to cancel my current Texas power service first?

When you enroll on a plan with a new REP, you don’t need to cancel your current service. Your utility will do this for you and make the process seamless. In reality, disconnecting your current service can actually cause a lapse of service. And you definitely don’t want this to happen in the middle of summer!

Will I be charged a deposit when I switch to a different Texas energy company?

According to the PUCT, an energy provider might ask you to pay a deposit in order to meet their credit requirements. This will vary on a case-by-case basis, so be sure to ask your new REP if a deposit is required.

What are the best energy companies in Texas?

As you probably know, Texas has no shortage of energy companies. But which companies provide the best service, rates and options to meet your needs? You can begin by shopping the trusted electricity providers at Everything Energy. With personalized shopping tools at your fingertips, you can easily find a new energy plan that fits your lifestyle and budget. Click here to get started.

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Energy Companies: One Size Never Fits All

Aug 02 2022

In the age of customization and choice, powering your home has become empowering. Energy companies that once had a one-size-fits-all service now offer many options to meet varying consumer needs. Now, when you search for an “electricity company near me,” that’s just the first step. Next, you evaluate the many plan options available to you and pick the most appealing plan for your lifestyle and budget.

Why do energy companies offer so many options?

According to consumer choice theory, people buy things that provide them the greatest happiness, while keeping within their budgets. As we know, people find happiness in different things. Plus, budgets vary. So, a one-size-fits-all approach to home electricity doesn’t offer the best solution for consumers. 

This is especially true for energy companies in Texas. Thanks to the deregulated market, electricity companies must compete for your business. Electricity plan customization and choices are natural effects of a free market. 

What types of plan options do energy providers offer?

Years of competition have led to new and modern electricity plan options for consumers. Today, energy companies offer plans with varying term lengths, pricing structures, sustainability levels, perks and more.

Term length

Want flexibility? Month-to-month plans let you cancel or switch anytime. Want to lock in an excellent rate? 12-, 24- and even 36-month term lengths provide stability. No matter what your situation, energy companies have you covered with a number of term lengths to choose from.

Pricing structure

Whether you use under 500 kilowatt hours (kWh) per month or over 2,000 kWh, you can pinpoint the plan that offers the best rate for your average usage. Plus, you can get even more customized options. For example, do you use more energy at night or on the weekend? Time-of-Use plans offer discounts for energy used during certain timeframes. That means, night owls and/or weekend homebodies can benefit from these types of plan options.

Sustainability levels

If you want to help the planet while you power your home, you’re in luck. Texas led the country in new renewable energy projects in 2021 and continues to offer consumers sustainable home energy options. From renewable energy companies to solar solutions and energy-saving tips, Texas energy companies deliver.


Incentives like gift cards, energy-efficiency tools and even airline miles have become more common parts of energy plans in recent years. In addition, electricity companies continue to develop impressive energy apps that give consumers more control and information. These types of perks can be a big draw for many people. So, they are yet another way energy companies address varying interests and budgets.

What are the best energy companies in Texas?

You have many choices when it comes to electricity plans and energy companies in Texas. The first and most important step? Find electricity providers in Texas you can trust. After that, you can see what plan options they offer and determine which term lengths, pricing structure and other factors would be ideal for your home. 

You may find more options than you expected. But that just means that you’re more likely to find a plan that is tailored to what you’re looking for. When energy companies compete for business, consumers like you win!

Find energy companies that offer perfect-fit plans for you.

With so many options out there, it’s just a matter of finding the best fit for you. Luckily, it’s easy to compare energy solutions and options for your home. You can even see personalized pricing for plans based on your historical usage data. Everything you need to shop and compare electricity rates can be found at Everything Energy. Find a plan today!

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Compare Power Consumption with a Watt Meter

Jul 26 2022

Have you ever wondered how you can compare power consumption of appliances in your home? Like, how much money does it take to run your refrigerator per day? Or, how much does it cost to leave your laptop plugged in all day? 

There is a handy little device that can tell you all this info and more. And, it might just be your secret weapon on your quest to have the cheapest electricity bill possible.

How can I compare energy prices for each electronic item in my home?

Every plugged-in item in your home draws some electricity. Figuring out which items drain a lot of extra energy is key to proactively lowering your energy usage. A watt meter can help determine energy draw for each device or appliance.

A watt meter is also called a power meter, or electricity usage monitor. It’s a small, handheld device that measures: 

  • The voltage of the outlet itself (how much potential energy it can produce)
  • How many kilowatts an electrical device plugged in consumes over a period of time

A quick review of watts, kilowatts and kilowatt hours

For reference, a watt (W) is a unit of power. A kilowatt (kW) is 1,000 watts, and a kilowatt hour (kWh) is how much energy a machine needs to use in order to run for one hour. Electricity providers’ bills show us how many kWh of energy we use each month. The monthly usage is then multiplied by the cost per kWh to find out how much we owe for energy. (Note: Fees and other charges can increase the final balance). 

How do I use a watt meter?

You can easily use a watt meter to compare power use of items in your home. Follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Get plugged in.

Plug the watt meter into a three-pronged outlet. Then, plug the item whose usage you want to monitor into the watt meter’s outlet. 

Step 2: Enter your settings.

Following the watt meter manual, set your cost per kWh. (Hint: If you’re not sure where to find this information, check your Electricity Facts Label.)

Step 3: Check back later.

When you check the meter, you will see a reading for how many kilowatts the item has used since it was plugged in. You can also check the total cost it has racked up in that time period. As a result, you can now do some simple math to calculate how much the item uses in a day, week or month. 

Once you know this information, you can compare power consumption among your appliances and electronic devices. You can also compare power consumption of one item when it is in use and when it is in standby mode, too. 

A watt meter empowers you with knowledge, which you can use to take action. For instance, maybe you will decide to unplug heavy energy consumers when not in use to avoid phantom load. Or, maybe you will replace an old and inefficient appliance with one that’s Energy Star-rated. 

Where do I get a watt meter?

Watt meters can be found at home improvement stores. Also, many online retailers, such as Amazon, sell them. Plus, your local library may even have one you can check out for free! 

Compare power companies and plans online.

Compare electricity rates and electricity providers online to find the best match for you and your family’s energy needs. With personalized shopping tools just a few clicks away, Everything Energy helps you narrow down your options with ease. Therefore, why wait another minute — start shopping for energy today.

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Cheap Electricity: Is it Always the Best Choice?

Jul 19 2022

With inflation and the cost of living on the rise this year, many Texans are looking at any and every way to cut back on spending. That includes finding cheap electricity to help lower monthly utility bills — especially in Texas’s hot summer. But is cheap electricity always the best choice for powering your home? Let’s take a closer look at the issue.

Should I be looking for the cheapest electricity rates?

Cheap electricity is the same as more expensive electricity, right? In essence, yes. So, cheap energy plans are very appealing in that respect. By simply choosing the energy plan with the lowest rate, you might assume you’ve found the best plan. But price is just the beginning. You’ll want to consider much more when choosing how to power your home.

Besides cheap electricity, what else should I look for in a Texas energy provider?

Before narrowing it down to the plans with the cheapest energy rates, look at other related factors including:

  • What perks or credits do other, higher-priced electricity plans offer? Are these worth the difference in the energy rate to you?
  • How long has the electricity provider been in business? 
  • Does the electricity provider have a good reputation online and among your family and friends?
  • Does the provider offer tips and tools to help you reduce your electricity usage? (This can potentially help lower your utility bill.)
  • What other “extras” can you get from another provider, such as a mobile app, detailed usage information, energy-efficiency comparison emails, etc.?

Some Texas electricity providers add more value to an electricity plan than others. Along with price, all of these things should be considered when you make your decision. At the end of the day, you want an electricity company you can trust that offers what’s most important to you.

What is the cheapest energy company?

Some Texas energy companies offer a no-frills approach to electricity. This can (but doesn’t always) equate to cheap electricity. Really, there’s no single energy company in Texas that consistently provides the cheapest energy. Plans and pricing change often. So, a low-priced plan you see today may not be the least expensive option tomorrow. 

What else should I know about electricity rates?

Before you choose a cheap electric company or plan based on price alone, take a step back. Do you understand the details related to rates? For example, you may see a great electricity rate online, but on closer look, it turns out to be a month-to-month plan. This means your rate could spike the following month with no warning. Term length matters, and it can affect your average monthly bill.

Also, you’ll want to know how many kilowatt hours (kWh) you use, on average, each month. That way, you can make accurately compare rates of plans. Comparing rates for a monthly usage of 500 kWh to rates for 2,000 kWh can be like comparing apples to oranges.

How do I find cheap electricity plans?

The easiest way to find an electricity plan that fits your budget, lifestyle and needs? Shop and compare electricity plans with Everything Energy. You can even use your Smart Meter Texas usage data to see personalized pricing and monthly bill estimates!

What are the best electricity companies in Texas?

Now you know that there’s no single cheapest energy company in Texas. You also know that many electric companies provide added value to consumers. You can find this value in many forms, like excellent customer service, perks, credits and energy-efficiency guidance. So, now it’s time to combine this knowledge to find electricity companies and plans that best fit you and your family.

When you use an advanced online energy shopping tool, you can look at plans and features side by side. That means you can make apples-to-apples comparisons to find your perfect match.

Are there other ways to lower my electricity bill? 

Getting cheap electricity is not the only way to save money on your electric bill. More ways to help lower your electricity costs include:

  • Earn bill credits: Some electricity providers in Texas will offer a credit on your monthly bill for enrolling in paperless billing, automatic payments or other options. You may even find energy companies that reward you for referrals.
  • Lower your usage: Using less can help lower your bill. It doesn’t have to be drastic. Simple things like changing your AC’s air filter or unplugging devices when charged can make a difference.
  • Make home improvements: Sealing drafty windows and doors or adding insulation can help your home become more energy efficient.
  • Consider upgrades: If you’re in the market for new appliances, check out Energy Star-rated machines. They’re more energy-efficient than most standard appliances. So, they can help you use less and save money over time. 
  • Embrace smart tech: Smart thermostats, plugs, lighting and more can help you save more and use less. 

Find an affordable energy plan today.

As you can see, getting the cheapest electricity that’s out there may not always be the best option for your situation, home energy goals and preferences. But no matter what your top priority is when it comes to electricity, we can help. To get started, just enter your ZIP code at EverythingEnergy.com. We’ll guide you from there.

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Energy Rates in Texas vs. Plan Term Length

Jul 12 2022

Thanks to a deregulated electricity market, most residents have the power to choose their Texas retail electricity provider (REP). They can also choose from many plan term lengths. Energy rates in Texas vary by plans. Often, the term length can affect those rates. 

What term lengths do Texas electricity providers offer?

To meet varying consumer needs, Texas electricity providers offer plans with numerous term length options. The most common term lengths include:

  • Month-to-month: No long-term contract means you can switch plans or providers anytime. However, your rate can change each month. For this reason, month-to-month plans are also referred to as variable-rate plans.
  • 6-month: A contract for half a year, with energy rates locked in for that amount of time.
  • 12-month: One of the most common electricity plan term lengths. You get an entire year of price security.
  • 18-month: A term length with price security for a year and a half.
  • 24-month: Two years of locked-in energy rates.
  • 36-month: Three years of fixed electricity rates.

Any plans with more than a month-to-month term length are also referred to as fixed-rate plans. That is to say, enrolling on a fixed-rate plan lets you lock in the same energy rate for the whole contract.

How do energy rates in Texas relate to a plan’s term length?

Often, but not always, there is an inverse relationship between the number of months of a contract and the price per kWh. That is, the longer the contract term length, the lower the Texas electricity rates may be. 

Why? The longer you’re locked in at a fixed price, the less guessing a retail electricity provider has to do when purchasing power. (And, if an electricity provider guesses too low and cannot supply enough power, they must purchase more power at higher prices to meet customer demand.)

Therefore, the lower rates give consumers an incentive to choose longer term lengths. As a result, the electricity provider lowers its risk of over- or under-buying energy.

Texas electricity rates for long-term plans

When you shop for electricity, you’ll probably see a lot of fixed-rate plans available. Many people prefer to enroll in a long-term electricity plan, for a number of reasons. 

What are the benefits and drawbacks a long-term electricity plan?

An electricity contract with a term length of 6 or more months has a number of benefits:

  • You get a steady, fixed rate for a specific period of time.
  • It’s easier to construct a budget.
  • You won’t have to shop for energy or switch providers as often.

But, a few things to consider about fixed-rate plans include:

  • Many contracts have early cancellation fees
  • You’re locked into a long-term commitment
  • You may not be able to take advantage of market rate drops if they occur

If you think the pros of a long-term contract outweigh the cons, this might be the type of term length for you. If not, you may want to explore a variable-rate plan.

Energy rates in Texas for short-term plans 

As you shop and compare electricity plans for the best electricity rates in Texas, you may come across a number of appealing short-term plans. Some people prefer these variable-rate options.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of a short-term electricity plan?

Going month-to-month with your home electricity offers some benefits to the consumer, such as:

  • The flexibility to change plans anytime, without early termination fees
  • More chances to take advantage of lower energy rates in Texas
  • No long-term commitment to any provider

As with fixed-rate plans, variable-rate plans have a few drawbacks, like:

  • Your rate can spike without warning
  • It’s more difficult to budget (you’re at the mercy of the energy market)
  • You may spend more time shopping for energy plans and switching providers

If you think the pros of a short-term contract outweigh the cons, you may want to choose this type of plan. However, if it feels too risky for you, a fixed-rate plan may be your better option.

What affects the variable energy rates in Texas?

The energy rates in Texas for variable-rate plans depend on the market price of energy. As a result, month-to-month electricity plans can experience more volatility than fixed-rate plans. Forces affecting the variable rate include weather, government regulations, geopolitical events, outages and other outside factors, like pandemics and natural catastrophes.

How do I find past rates for a month-to-month plan?

If you’re considering signing up for a month-to-month electricity plan, you probably want to know about the recent monthly rates. You can usually find this information on the REP’s website or by searching the web for the REP and its “past variable rates” or “historical pricing.”

Transmission/Distribution Service Providers (TDSPs) like ERCOT also lists past variable rates for month-to-month Texas electricity plans. 

What’s better: a short-term or a long-term energy plan?

As you can see, each type of electricity plan has its own set of pros and cons. Therefore, these should be  weighed against your unique situation, budget and lifestyle. Then, with careful consideration, you can narrow down which type of plan suits you best.

Shop Texas electricity rates for all term lengths

In conclusion, you now know how energy rates in Texas and a plan’s contract length can be related. As a result, you can now better understand the options available to you. And, you probably have a term length in mind that would best suit your unique situation. 

So, all that’s left to do is simplify your search by using Everything Energy’s tools to shop and compare plans. We make it easy to find your perfect energy match from Texas electricity providers you can trust!

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18 Nifty App Features from Power Companies in Texas

Jul 05 2022

In 2021, there were 143 billion app downloads (more than doubling 2015’s total) and 7 million apps available across iOS and Android platforms. So, it’s no surprise that many power companies in Texas have their own customer applications.  

First and foremost, these energy apps make it easy to do everyday activities such as pay your electric bill and contact customer service. However, they also provide innovative ways to track and manage your electricity usage, connect other related services and even educate yourself to become a more empowered consumer.

Take a peek at some of the amazing things these powerful electricity apps can help you do.

Understand your Texas power usage

While you can’t control your electricity plan’s cost per kWh, you can alter the way you use energy in your home. This can help you become more energy efficient and help lower your bill. Many apps from Texas energy companies help you better understand how you have used electricity in the past. That way, you can make changes to lower your usage in the future. 

1. View your energy usage history

Have you been with the same electricity provider for more than a year? It’s informative to see how much energy you used each month and compare it to previous years of usage. For instance, you may wonder how many kWh you used during an exceptionally hot month or a month where you were out of town for two weeks and left the air conditioner set at 82°. Being able to compare a month like this to that same month the previous year helps you understand the impact of certain environmental or situational factors. Knowing where you’ve been is the only way to know where you’re going.

>> Power tip: Accessing your monthly usage can also help when shopping for a new electricity plan from trusted power companies in Texas. Using Everything Energy, you can view plans and pricing based on your average kWh usage. Simply filter by 500, 1000 or 2000 kWh of usage per month.

2. Monitor your current electricity usage

Smart Meters have advanced our knowledge of personal energy consumption tremendously. We can now see, in near-real time, how we’re using electricity. Many Texas energy companies have apps that can show you your Smart Meter data. Knowing your daily or weekly usage can help you pinpoint energy spikes or dips better than a monthly figure. Then, you can better adjust your thermostat settings, behavior and other factors accordingly.

>> Power tip: By granting Everything Energy access to your Smart Meter Texas usage data, you can view personalized monthly bill estimates. You’ll see projections based directly on your historical electricity usage. You’ll even be provided with a usage analysis, so you can understand how and when you use electricity. For example, we’ll show you have much you use on weekends and weekdays, daytime or nighttime. From there, you can filter your search results to find the plan that best suits your needs. 

3. Learn more about factors that affect your bill

Some apps from power companies in Texas show you how your usage (and bill) can be affected by outside factors. With interactive and customizable graphs, you can see how trends, costs and weather in your area can have a direct impact on your energy use.

Pay your electricity bill

Energy mobile apps let you do even more than just learning about your electricity usage. They also make it easy to pay your monthly bill on time and perform other billing-related actions with just a few taps. 

4. View your current balance

Getting an on-demand balance is helpful if you need to move funds around to make a payment. Or if you want to utilize the figure as you compile your monthly budget. Some apps can even show you a day-by-day balance, so you can estimate your total balance when it comes time to pay.

5. Change your payment method

Need to update your payment details? Gone are the days of calling customer service, waiting on hold and digging through your files to find your account number. Mobile apps make self-service tasks like switching or updating your payment method simple. So, if your card expired, you had to get a replacement card or you just want to pay your bill from a different account, no worries. All you have to do is open the app and edit the details in your settings.

6. Set bill payment reminders

Many electricity apps give you the ability to set a reminder to pay your bill. This feature helps you stay on top of your bills and avoid incurring late fees. It can also serve as an extra reminder if you’re on paperless billing and your e-bills tend to get lost in your inbox. Ditto if you pay your bill by check but you sometimes don’t open mail right away.

7. Schedule a payment to your Texas power company

All it takes to change the day your bill is paid electronically are a few clicks in your energy provider’s app. That means if you’re experiencing a cash shortage or waiting for a deposit to clear, this feature has you covered. It can help you avoid costly overdraft or non-sufficient fund fees from your bank or credit union.

8. Switch between multiple addresses and accounts

Do you receive power at more than one address? Some power companies in Texas have apps that require only a single sign-on for you to manage all of the service locations in your account. This saves you time and the inconvenience of remembering several login passwords.

Manage your Texas electricity provider account

Mobile apps from electric companies have made it easier than ever to take control of your account. Now, you can manage your profile, preferences, services and more.

9. Manage your Texas power services

Paperless billing, autopay and average monthly billing — along with other services your provider may offer — can often be activated (or deactivated) through use of their app.

10. Sign up for add-ons

In addition to those mentioned above, some energy providers offer a suite of related products and services available to consumers. These can include everything from energy-efficient products and backup power to home warranties and donations to support non-profits. Each provider offers unique opportunities, which you can often sign up for directly in the provider’s app.

11. Renew your plan or enroll in a new plan

Are you satisfied with your current Texas electricity provider? Don’t want to shop Texas electricity rates before your current plan expires? You may be able to continue your service in the provider’s app. Whether you have the option to renew your current plan or sign up for a different offer, completing the transaction via a mobile app can be convenient and easy. 

12. Transfer your service to a new address

Moving to a different apartment or house can be stressful. But many mobile apps from energy providers make it easy to just take your plan with you. That means you can schedule your electricity to be turned on in your new place (and turned off in your old place) for a seamless transition.

13. View your contract and plan documents

If you ever need to review your electricity plan’s Terms of Use, Electricity Facts Label or other documents, they can usually be found with your plan details in the provider’s mobile app. This makes it easy should you want to check on items such as your plan’s renewable energy content, price per kWh, early termination fees and more.

Become an empowered energy consumer

Many modern electricity companies want to help consumers make informed decisions about their home energy and how it fits in with their life holistically. This is especially true in the Lone Star State. Most people have the power to choose a Texas energy plan from a lengthy list of providers competing for their business. The electricity companies’ apps provide the perfect medium to share this type of useful information.

14. Earn referral rewards

Some power companies in Texas have referral programs. For example, you can earn a perk like a bill credit when you refer friends and family. This feature can often be accessed via the app, which makes it easier to share your referral ID or link. 

15. Track your green impact

If you’re enrolled in an electricity plan that features energy from renewable sources, some apps let you see just how much of an impact you’re making. For instance, stats and equivalencies can put your impact into real-world terms. Meanwhile, earning badges can be a fun way to motivate yourself to continue living sustainability. 

Some energy apps may give you the option to schedule when to start and stop charging your EV. If you typically charge at night, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to plug in before going to bed. And if you’re enrolled in a time-of-use electricity plan, this feature can be beneficial to the grid and your bill by charging up during off-peak hours when demand and energy rates are lower.

 17. Sync your electricity with other services

The “smart home” continues to evolve. Some energy apps give you the ability to control your smart thermostat, home security system and solar panel production for greater convenience and efficiency.

18. Contact customer service

Help on the go is just a few taps away with an energy app. For questions or problems about your electricity service or account, mobile apps can give you easy access to customer support through email, chat and/or phone. 

Endless options from power companies in Texas 

Perhaps you want an electricity plan with a mobile app that does it all. Or maybe you’d rather have a no-frills, tech-lite plan that keeps it simple. Either way, you can choose the Texas power option that best fits your needs, preferences and lifestyle. To find the perfect match, Everything Energy provides a straightforward way to shop and compareenergy providers and plans available in your area. Start your shopping today! 

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Minimize Electricity Costs for a Festive July 4th

Jun 28 2022

If there’s one holiday that’s made even better through energy efficiency, it’s Independence Day. This July 4th, unplug, get out of the house and enjoy some festive activities with family and friends that won’t any additional electricity costs to your monthly bill.

Sidestep high energy prices by grilling

Fire up the barbie! It wouldn’t be a Texas 4th without a grilled meal (or two). Will you go with classic American burgers and hotdogs? Or will you get fancy with lobster tails—the most searched-for grilling recipe in Texas? Either way, you’ll save some kilowatt hours (kWh) by not using your oven or stovetop, potentially lowering your electricity costs.

Ride a bike instead of surfing the Internet

It’s easy to head inside to the air-conditioned comfort of your home and chill with a mobile device. But with electricity prices up across the nation, it’s worth breaking a sweat to help lower your average electricity bill. So, turn the AC off for a bit and take that bike ride, hike or stroll. In the company of friends and family of all ages, you can celebrate your freedom in the great outdoors.

Cool off with some water fun

While having a swimming pool can be refreshing, it can also make you say, “My electricity bill is how much?!” So, if you don’t have a pool, you’re already saving a lot of kWhs over your pool-owning neighbors. Plus, you can still make a splash by turning on a sprinkler, visiting a public pool or having a good old-fashioned water balloon fight. And if you do have a pool? Use it to cool off instead of the AC when you can!

Enjoy a parade for $0 in electricity costs

A Fourth of July parade is a hallmark of the holiday, whether you’re in a large city or a small town. Take in the music, floats and community spirit while celebrating the nation’s independence. Firstly, it costs absolutely nothing, using none of your own electricity. Secondly, it’s sure to put you in a patriotic mood. Find July 4th celebrations in Texas here. Or, check with your city’s Convention & Visitor’s Bureau to locate a parade near you.

Let the night sky inspire you

While many people think of fireworks displays as the ultimate Fourth of July event, a night of stargazing can be just as thrilling. Regardless, neither activity will have you thinking twice about your electric bill or kwh cost. But staring up into the sky with wonder will make for a magical holiday evening.

Extend the day with a backyard campout

You may not want your energy-efficient July 4th to end. So, why not keep the AC off overnight and set up a tent outdoors to continue the festivities until dawn? From s’mores to chatting around the firepit, you can totally forget about your electricity-consuming devices and modern appliances. Instead, enjoy making lasting memories with loved ones.

Celebrate Independence Day all year 

The deregulated Texas energy market gives you independence from your utility company, letting you choose your preferred retail electricity provider. If your electricity contract expires soon, it’s time to exercise your power to choose. Check out Everything Energy’s electricity price comparison tools. You can see your estimated average electricity costs, compare plan offers and choose the energy plan that best fits your usage habits and preferences. Happy 4th!

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First Look: Compare Electricity Rates the Newest Way

Jun 21 2022

If you’re one of the many Texans wanting to shop and compare electricity rates from different providers, listen up. We have a cool new tool for you to use!

Everything Energy’s Personalized Pricing tool lets you sort and filter electricity plans using your very own usage history — gathered from your home’s Smart Meter (with your consent, of course). That data allows us to provide you Everything Energy’s Personalized Pricing tool lets you sort and filter electricity plans using your very own usage history. The data we gather from your home’s Smart Meter (with your consent, of course) allows us to provide you with more accurate bill estimates. With those cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) rates translated into dollar figures, budgeting is a breeze. Best of all, it’s so simple. You can start viewing your personalized pricing and comparing electricity rates in less than five minutes!

Benefits of utilizing your Smart Meter data to compare electricity rates

Your home’s Smart Meter records your electricity usage in real time, typically at 15-minute intervals. Then, it digitally sends that data to your utility [Oncor, CenterPoint, AEP Texas or Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP)]. Smart Meter Texas™ (SMT) securely stores that data. When you authorize Everything Energy to access that historical data to help you shop and compare plans, you can view:

  • Your lowest, highest and average monthly usage
  • Your usage breakdown by weekend vs. weekday and night vs. daytime
  • Personalized rates and monthly bill estimates from Texas electricity providers
  • Plans that best suit your established usage habits

With all of this information, your search for some of the best electricity rates and providers for your unique needs will provide better-fitting results. For example, imagine your data shows that you use electricity a lot at night. You can select the “Weeknight Discount” filter to narrow your search down to plans that offer lower rates at night.

In short, by considering the big picture, you can make a more informed decision about your next electricity plan.

compare electricity rates
Everything Energy’s Personal Pricing Tool displaying usage analysis

Personalized pricing from electricity providers, at your fingertips

In just three simple steps, you’ll be able to compare electricity rates and find the perfect match to meet your family’s needs, preferences and lifestyle.

Step 1: Help us find your Smart Meter

After you enter your ZIP code on EverythingEnergy.com, you’ll be taken to a page showing electricity plans in your area. In the left navigation of this page, click the “Get Started” button. A screen will appear asking for your service address. This will help us locate your Smart Meter.

Step 2: Obtain an authorization email

To protect your privacy, Smart Meter Texas requires each customer to provide authorization if they want to give a third party (like Everything Energy) to access it. On this screen, simply input your email address and full name as it appears on your electricity bill and select your current provider. After you press ‘Submit,’ check your inbox — you should see an email from Smart Meter Texas.

Step 3: Confirm your authorization

In the email you receive, simply click the Confirm button at the bottom of the email. Then, go back to the Everything Energy screen and let us know that you’ve completed the authorization process by clicking the ‘Permission Granted’ button.

Congratulations! You can now put your own data to work as you shop and compare energy plans from trusted electricity providers in Texas.

Compare electricity rates today

Have you tried our new, personalized approach to shopping for energy? You’re just a few steps away from customized search results. Compare electricity plans and rates, and find the perfect energy match for you. Try it out!

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TX Hurricane Preparedness Guide

Jun 14 2022

June 1 to November 30 marks hurricane season, with peak season running from the second half of August through September. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) forecast predicts there will likely be hurricanes more often this year than average. So, if you haven’t prepared for hurricane season yet, use this hurricane preparedness guide help get you started.

Understanding the 5 categories of hurricanes

A five-category scale called the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale ranks the intensity of hurricanes. Category 1 indicates the least intense rating with sustained wind speeds of 74 – 95 miles per hour (mph). Meanwhile, Category 5 indicates the most intense rating with sustained wind speeds of over 157 mph. 

For reference, Hurricane Ike (2008) was a Category 2 and Hurricane Harvey (2017) was a Category 4.

How are hurricanes named?

Did you know that tropical cyclones are the only weather systems given names? According to the National Hurricane Center, storms used to be named by their latitude-longitude location. But using short, familiar names makes them easier to discuss and lessens the chance of errors. It also helps reduce confusion when two or more storms form at the same or overlapping times. 

However, naming a hurricane is no last-minute decision. The World Meteorological Organization established a strict naming process. It provides a different list of names for each of six years. So, every six years a name list is repeated. 

As storms develop, they get named in the order they occur, beginning with the letter ‘A.’ In the event of a severely deadly or damaging storm, such as Hurricane Katrina, the name gets retired. Then, a new name beginning with the same letter replaces it. That’s why you never hear about two very deadly hurricanes with the same name.

What will this year’s hurricanes be named?

For 2022, the Atlantic Tropical Cyclone names, if needed, will be: Alex, Bonnie, Colin, Danielle, Earl, Fiona, Gaston, Hermine, Ian, Julia, Karl, Lisa, Martin, Nicole, Owen, Paula, Richard, Shary, Tobias, Virginie and Walter.

Hurricane watch vs. hurricane warning

Before the potential impact of a hurricane, meteorologists issue a hurricane watch and/or a hurricane warning for specific areas. A hurricane watch is announced when winds of 74 mph or more are possibleBefore the potential impact of a hurricane, meteorologists issue a hurricane watch and/or a hurricane warning for specific areas. A hurricane watch happens when winds of 74 mph or more are possible within a 48-hour period. Meanwhile, a hurricane warning happens when winds of 74 mph or more are expected within the next 24 hours.

Taking action during a hurricane warning

In the event of a hurricane warning, FEMA recommends that you:

  • Secure your home
  • Bring in outdoor furniture
  • Charge your cellphone 
  • Listen for emergency alerts and information
  • Immediately leave the threatened area if directed by local officials

What to expect from the 2022 hurricane season?

According to the Colorado State University 2022 hurricane forecast, the Atlantic region can expect an estimated:

  • 20 named storms
  • 95 days of named storms
  • 10 hurricanes (5 of them major)

This data all points to higher than normal tropical storm and hurricane activity for Texans. Do you have a hurricane preparedness plan in case a storm hits your area?

How do you prepare for a hurricane?

Being ready for hurricane season is crucial for your safety. Have you created a hurricane emergency kit, or a ‘go bag?’ Important items to include are:

  • Non-perishable foods and a can opener
  • Water
  • Extra clothing, shoes and socks
  • Pet food, if you have pets 
  • Flashlights
  • Phone/device charger and charged portable power bank
  • Batteries
  • Cash and important paperwork (personal IDs, social security cards, titles to homes/cars), in a resealable plastic bag
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medications
  • Eyeglasses and/or contacts and solution
  • Battery-powered radio
  • List of important emergency phone numbers
  • Moist towelettes, hand sanitizer and face masks
  • Garbage bags
  • Toothbrushes, toothpaste and other essential hygiene items
  • A whistle
  • Ponchos
  • Emergency blankets

For a complete list of items you may want to include in your go bag or emergency kit, visit ready.gov/kit.

More ways to be prepared

You’ll also want to decide on a family evacuation plan. This plan includes your best escape route (with multiple routes, in case of road flooding). And don’t forget to agree on a place to meet, in case you get separated.

Remember to prepare your home to endure a severe storm. Trim tree branches that hang close to your home, clean out the gutters and clear an indoor space where you can store outdoor furniture if the time comes. You should also Remember to prepare your home for a severe storm. For example, trim tree branches that hang close to your home and clean out the gutters. Clear an indoor space where you can store outdoor furniture if the time comes. You should also have a supply of sandbags handy, to help prevent flooding. Exterior plywood (at least 5/8” thick) can be helpful for covering windows.

Another way to reduce evacuation stress is to make any needed car repairs ahead of time. That includes filling the gas tank, checking tire pressure and making sure you have a spare tire.

How do you stay safe during a hurricane?

Hurricane preparedness includes planning what to do during a storm. In the event of a hurricane in your area, don’t forget to:

  • Listen to updates from local officials
  • Stay inside even if it seems the storm has passed
  • Lock and stay away from windows and outside doors
  • Move to an interior room so there are as many walls between yourself and the wind as possible (a bathroom, closet or storm shelter are typically the safest spots)
  • Avoid touching electrical items
  • Turn off and unplug all major appliances if the electricity goes out
  • Remain inside until local authorities issue an ‘all clear’ statement
  • Evacuate if your home is flooded or emergency personnel recommend it
  • Never drive across flooded roads

Helpful resources for hurricane preparedness

Keep the following links handy to help you weather the Texas hurricane season:

Choose an energy provider you can trust

In conclusion, hurricane preparedness makes hurricane season a lot less stressful. Also less stressful?  Finding electricity providers in Texas you can trust with Everything Energy’s easy-to-use energy comparison tools. Shop and compare plans to get the best match for you and your family’s lifestyle and budget.

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Electricity Providers in Texas: Fun Facts & Figures

Jun 07 2022

Electric companies in Texas are pretty darn cool

Thanks to a deregulated energy market, people have had the power to choose the Texas electricity provider they prefer for more than 20 years. So, it’s no surprise that in that time, there’s been a lot of innovation among electricity providers in Texas. That includes the types of plans offered to consumers and the sources used to supply energy across the state. And, as the second-most-populous state in the U.S., Texas has made a name for itself in ways that you may not have known about. 

Check out some of the interesting (and dare we say, “fun”) facts about the electricity providers in your home state.

Did you know…?

With 29.5 million residents in the state (that’s approximately 8.9% of the total U.S. population!), Texas energy companies bring power to millions of people. That’s just the beginning. Did you know …

  • Texas has had lower residential, commercial and industrial electricity rates than the United States’ average. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in January 2022, Texas residential energy rates were 1.48 cents/kilowatt hour (kWh) lower than the national average. Also in that month, commercial rates clocked in at 3.56 cents/kWh less than the nation’s average. Industrial rates also beat the national average by 1.58 cents/kWh that month. 
  • Texas has the second-highest cumulative solar capacity, trailing only California. In addition, it’s one of the leading states in solar energy potential.
  • In 2020, Texas produced about 28% of the nation’s wind-powered electricity. That’s more than any other state!

Little-known facts about electricity providers in Texas

The deregulated energy market in Texas is all about competition. Therefore, many Texas energy companies like to get creative with their electricity plans. After all, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to lifestyle, budget and preferences. So, why not offer plans built around these factors? Take a look at some interesting ways electricity providers in Texas can power your home, on your terms.

Interesting info about Texas energy companies 

  • Choose from plans that let you lock in your energy charge for 12, 24 or even 36 months. Just set it and forget it for long-term price security.
  • Who doesn’t like free? Some plans offer free electricity during weeknight or weekend usage. For example, night owls might switch their energy-consuming chores (like laundry) to the specified ‘free’ timeframe to help save on their electric bill. Time of Use plans like this let people make small shifts to take advantage of off-peak usage times. These are time periods when demand on the electricity grid is lower.
  • Like to shop? Some electricity providers in Texas offer gift cards after enrolling in certain plans. In addition to powering your home, plans like this give you extra spending power.
  • Protect the environment, right from that comfy spot on your couch. Electricity plans that provide 100% renewable energy — from sources like the wind and the sun — make it easy to do your part for a healthier planet.
  • Bon voyage! Did you know you can even get airline miles with some electricity plans? Whether you’re a frequent flyer or still waiting to take your first flight, plans like this can get you closer to your next destination. 

Be sure to check each plan’s Electricity Facts Label (EFL) for details. You’ll enjoy discovering all the options available during the shopping process.

Frequently asked questions about Texas electricity providers and plans

At one point or another, you might have thought of some “What if?” scenarios related to Texas energy companies and plans. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We can help clear things up.

What if I move and have to cancel my electricity contract early? Do I have to pay a cancellation fee? 

If you move from your existing service address in the middle of a contract term, no worries. By providing a forwarding address and possibly other move-related information, you won’t have to pay your plan’s early termination fee. Check your plan’s contract documents for specific terms and conditions.

What if my contract is about to expire? Will my electricity get shut off if I don’t make a decision about what to do next? 

No. You don’t have to stress about your power being turned off simply because your contract term has expired. Here’s how this situation plays out. As an example, say you are enrolled on a fixed-rate product. Your current provider is required to notify you in advance of the date your contract expires. This gives you time to decide if you want to renew or shop and compare energy rates. You’re also allowed to switch providers in the final 14 days of your contract without incurring an early termination fee. 

Even if your contract term expires and you’ve not enrolled on a new plan, it’s okay. Your provider will simply switch you over to a default month-to-month plan. Your power will keep running without interruption.

What if the Texas power company I’ve chosen goes out of business?

The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) is always looking out for consumers’ best interests. In this scenario, the PUCT has designated “Providers of Last Resort” (POLR) as backup electricity service providers in the rare circumstances when a Texas electricity company cannot supply power. The POLR is meant to be a temporary safety net. For information on choosing Texas electric providers, check out this guide.

Shopping for electricity in Texas

Think about all the electric companies in Texas competing for your business (the PUCT lists more than 135 active retail electricity providers in the state). Imagine how hard it would to sort through all the plans to find the perfect match for your home. 

Luckily, it’s simple to shop and compare electricity rates and providers. With our easy-to-use filters, you can narrow down your options. Plus, you get plan pricing translated into actual monthly bill estimates based on your monthly electricity usage and other factors. Try it — we think you’ll quickly find a plan that’s just right for you.

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