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5 Electricity Providers That Offer More

Posted on by Everything Energy 3 minutes 15 seconds

When searching for electricity providers, you may feel overwhelmed. There are many to choose from. However, keep an eye out for those that offer you added value. This value can come in many forms. And what one person may find valuable could be unimportant to another. That’s why, when choosing home electricity, you should look at the whole picture — not just price per kilowatt hour. 

Here are five tried-and-true electric suppliers in Texas that go the extra mile to deliver value as well as electricity.

Reliant Energy — electricity providers of power your way

Reliant Energy is well-known across Texas. But some people may not know that Reliant offers much more than just electricity. 

Reliant helps customers monitor and manage their electricity usage with many innovative tools and gadgets. It’s also one of the electricity providers in Texas that has time-of-use plan options. These plans offer lower prices on energy used at certain times of the day, such as nights or weekends. (These off-peak hours help relieve strain on the electricity grid.) Time-of-use plans can help you take control of your usage and operate appliances at the most affordable times.

In addition to electricity, Reliant offers home security packages, automation products and HVAC services and protection options.

Cirro Energy — energy providers of easy electricity 

Some customers don’t really want to spend much time on their home energy. That’s why Cirro Energy simplifies the whole energy experience for consumers. With Cirro Energy, you get convenience with no surprises. That means:

Green Mountain Energy — electricity providers of 100% clean energy

Some electricity providers help you live greener. For example, all Green Mountain Energy plans are made from 100% renewable resources — the wind and/or the sun. The company focuses on sustainability and empowering every person to make a positive impact on the planet. Choosing clean energy to power your home is one simple way to make a difference. 

Green Mountain Energy also offers energy efficiency and green living tips. There is even an option to purchase carbon offsets

Direct Energy — electricity providers that give you control of your home energy

Direct Energy empowers customers with its Direct Your Energy tool. It uses your Smart Home usage to build a home profile. Then, it provides estimates of how much energy key home systems and appliances use. 

Knowing where your energy is going can help you conserve resources. It can also let you know when you have an inefficient appliance. These insights help you make smarter, more informed choices about your electricity usage.

The Direct Your Energy tool includes:

Discount Power — the budget-friendly energy suppliers

Discount Power takes a no-frills approach to power. Paring back the “extras” that other electricity providers offer lets Discount Power provide budget-friendly options for families across the state. 

And even though no single Texas electricity provider can be called the cheapest energy supplier, Discount Power is a good bet if you’re searching for an affordable plan.

More benefits from Texas electricity providers

There’s even more to discover from these power companies. Some other perks you may come across from electricity providers include:

Search electric suppliers in your area

The five electricity providers listed above all offer something that you might find interesting or want to make the most of. To find the best energy provider and plan for your lifestyle, head over to Everything Energy’s powerful search, sort and compare tool. You can see plan pricing, average bill estimates, extra perks offered and more. Best of all, it’s free to use! Simply click here to start shopping.

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