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7 Things to Know About Your Texas Smart Meter

Posted on by Everything Energy 4 minutes, 15 seconds

Smart Meters have been replacing traditional electromechanical meters across the United States for years. In data from 2022, 72% of U.S. electric meters had “smart” capabilities. In other words, if you live in Texas, there’s a good chance you have a Smart Meter.

What is a Smart Meter?

There’s an electricity meter onsite that tracks the amount of energy used in every home and business. The traditional metering for many years was the analog meter. This type of meter required monthly reading by in-person meter readers from your utility. The meter readers would note the usage displayed on the unit’s face indicating the total kilowatt-hours (kWh) you used in the previous billing period.

Over the years, metering technology has advanced significantly. The traditional meters started being replaced by more sophisticated and efficient Smart Meters. With digital communication technology, these meters don’t require a person to physically come read each meter. Instead, Smart Meters transmit and confirm energy usage data directly through the Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU) assigned to the address.

Smart Meters are part of an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). The infrastructure allows two-way communication between the meters and utilities. The result is a streamlined system that offers a number of capabilities and benefits for customers, utilities and the electric grid.

Since this technology is so ubiquitous in the Lone Star State, it’s important to be familiar with what Smart Meters are, what they can do and how you can get the most out of yours. Read on for seven important things to know about your Texas Smart Meter.

1. Smart Meters allow you to access detailed energy data

Gone are the days of waiting for your monthly bill to see how much energy you used. With Smart Meters, you can monitor your energy consumption in real time. That’s because usage data is recorded in 15-minute intervals. That’s 96 readings per day! You can now view your electricity usage information by registering for a Smart Meter Texas account or granting access to your data to your electricity provider. This includes 15-minute interval data as well as meter attribute information like installation date and the name of the TDU. It also includes the Electric Service Identifier ID (ESIID), which is helpful to have if you want to sign up with a new retail electric provider.

2. Smart Meters empower you to monitor and manage your usage

Having access to your granular energy usage data offers many benefits. You can pinpoint high-usage periods and identify potential energy inefficiencies in your home. Using the data at your fingertips you could change your habits to consume less energy and potentially lower your monthly bill.

3. Texas Smart Meters support Time-of-Use pricing

Time-of-Use pricing is a billing structure that charges different rates for electricity depending on the time of day. During off-peak hours (such as nights and early mornings) and when less energy tends to be used in your region, pricing can be less expensive. This incentivizes customers to adjust their usage to off-peak hours, which helps minimize stress on the electric grid.

4. Smart Meters make service connections and disconnections faster

Smart Meters make it possible for utilities to connect and disconnect electricity through automation instead of scheduling a technician to do it onsite. This can be extremely helpful if you’re anxiously waiting for your electricity to be turned on.

5. Smart Meters make it easier to identify outages and restore power

Thanks to the interval data of Smart Meters, utility companies are able to detect areas affected by power outages and restore connections more efficiently. Additionally, Smart Meters can trigger automated notifications to customers and technicians during outages. This keeps all parties up to date about an outage situation.

6. Smart Meters help improve electric grid management

A growing population plus more electronic devices to power create stress on the electric grid. Utility companies can use data from Smart Meters to better manage power outages and restoration events, as well as reduce outage duration and costs.

7. Evidence shows Texas Smart Meters are safe

Some consumers raise concerns about data security and radio frequency (RF) exposure related to Smart Meter usage.

Utilities take cybersecurity seriously. Just like banks or cable companies, utilities employ advanced security and encryption technologies to protect your data and regularly audit their systems.

The RF emitted from Smart Meters is very low — well below the limits set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). And because Smart Meters are usually installed outside, people are further away from RF waves than they are when using other RF-emitting household devices like cell phones, baby monitors and microwaves.


Texas Smart Meters have transformed the way electricity is monitored and managed — by utilities and consumers. They offer electricity customers greater control over their usage while helping to create a more efficient and sustainable electric grid. Understanding how your Smart Meter works gives you the power to make informed decisions about your energy usage (which can potentially lower your monthly bill).

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