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An Original “Electricity Provider”— Ben Franklin

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You may have searched for the “best energy supplier” for your home. Or the “cheapest electricity supplier.” But have you ever thought about the origins of electricity itself? One such story begins with an original electricity provider, Benjamin Franklin.

Today, January 17, marks the birthday of this jack-of-all-trades Founding Father. It’s true that no one person can claim to have discovered electricity. However, his contributions in the field cement his spot in the history of electricity. 

Why is Ben Franklin considered a pioneering electricity provider?

Benjamin Franklin was born over 300 years ago in 1706 colonial Boston. After expanding his printing business in the colonies, he had earned enough money to retire at age 42. Around that time, he started conducting experiments with electricity that would eventually lead to what we now refer to as electric suppliers.

Franklin’s interest in electricity

Being a curious person and inventor (of bifocals, swim fins and the odometer, to name a few), Franklin started exploring electricity. Up until then, electricity had mostly been used in magic tricks to shock and delight people. However, an electricity provider for home energy did not appear on anyone’s radar.

In 1750, he produced an important invention. Noting that lightning usually struck the highest point of a home, and that it could cause fires, Franklin invented the lightning rod. Fixed to a structure’s highest point, the rod would redirect the lightning’s current into the ground

Then, Franklin conducted his famous kite experiment in 1752. This helped him show the connection between electricity and lightning.

In short, these and many other discoveries by Franklin helped advance knowledge and application of electricity. Thanks to this, we can now rely on an electricity provider to power our homes and businesses.

Fun facts about Ben Franklin, a pioneer for today’s electricity provider

Before there were energy providers for homes and businesses, there was Ben Franklin. A Founding Father, writer, inventor … he led a truly interesting life.

Fun facts about Ben Franklin

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