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Combat Electric Prices this Holiday Season

Posted on by Everything Energy 4 minutes 5 seconds

It’s mid-December. Have you made a dent in your holiday gift list yet? If you’re still looking for that perfect gift, think outside the box. How about something that will help the receiver combat electric prices and keep their monthly electricity cost down? 

From energy-efficient tech gifts to non-tech items and “experience” gifts, we’ve got you covered.

Fight electric prices with energy-efficient gifts

Take away the stress of today’s electric prices by giving the gift of lower energy usage with these thoughtful present ideas:

Smart plugs

A few smart plugs placed in the right spots can help lower usage and, potentially, their monthly electricity cost. Use them to reduce phantom load from charging devices, schedule a slow cooker to turn on or off while you’re at work and more. It’s a nifty little gift for the practical person in your life.

Smart power strip

Like smart plugs, a smart power strip is not the most glamorous of gifts. But it makes up for its lack of sparkle with its utility. Instead of unplugging devices when not in use to avoid standby power loss, a smart power strip lets you cut power remotely without pulling the plug. 

Smart thermostat

If your gift recipient still has an older thermostat, you could give them an upgrade. A smart thermostat can learn their comfort zone and is easy to control via a mobile app. That makes it possible to adjust temperatures while out and about, reducing waste.

The average ENERGY STAR® smart thermostat saves about 8% of heating and cooling costs. With Texas’s long, red-hot summers, the savings could add up and help achieve the cheapest electricity bill possible.

Any ENERGY STAR® certified item

From light bulbs and laptops to large home appliances, ENERGY STAR® certified products are designed to be energy efficient. If you want a gift that will help defend against fluctuating electric prices in the years to come, look for the ENERGY STAR® symbol.

Fight electric prices with non-tech gifts

If you’re looking for a gift that doesn’t need to be plugged in to make a difference, try these ideas:

Watt meter

For the curious, numbers-obsessed person in your life, gift a watt meter. Plug in this handy device in the wall socket, then plug any electronic item into the meter. It measures how much energy the item uses, both in standby mode and when in use. 

Your recipient will feel empowered with the added knowledge. Electric prices become a lot less stressful when you know exactly how to cut your usage.

Low-flow showerhead

People sometimes forget that it takes a lot of energy to heat water. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that low-flow showerheads with the Water Sense label can save the average family 2700 gallons of water each year. That translates to around 330 kilowatt hours annually — enough to power a home for about 11 days. Someone who values utility (and sustainability) would find this gift very thoughtful.

Solar power bank

A solar power bank is a perfect gift for a friend or relative who is always on the move. Using the sun’s power, this gadget keeps smartphones, tablets, earbuds and other items charged. A device like this will help your recipient forget about electric prices altogether!

Solar outdoor lighting

Many homes already use solar lighting in gardens, along walkways or around pools. A gift of solar porch lights or safety spotlight can complement existing solar lighting without adding to the electric bill.

Push back on electric prices with experience gifts

If “stuff” is getting out of hand for your recipient, gift an experience or non-physical present instead. Here are just a few options:

Energy audit

Give the gift of energy efficiency by arranging an energy audit for your friend or family member. A professional will evaluate their home for inefficiencies and suggest improvements. 

Some electricity providers offer this service for free or a small fee. Either way, you’ll be gifting valuable information and action items that can help alleviate the effects of electric prices.

Home solar panel consultation

Many people want to learn about home solar panels. But they can’t find the time to get the ball rolling. Help start the info-gathering process by setting up a solar installation consultation for them. Who knows — by this time next year, they may be showing off their new rooftop solar array to you!


Are you shopping for a person that has everything? Make a donation in their name to an environmentally friendly charity. Find one they’d be honored to support. Sure, it won’t affect their personal electric prices, but it supports the bigger picture of a sustainable future.

Compare energy prices to find the best energy deals for your lifestyle

Now that you’ve thought about others’ electric prices — and gifts to help ease their monthly electricity costs — compare energy prices for your own home with Everything Energy. 

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