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Electricity Companies and Neighborhood Comparisons

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Depending on which power company you use, you might receive a letter or email each month showing how your energy usage stacks up to your neighbors. Many electricity companies show customers information about their household usage. It’s just one of several helpful tools that some Texas electricity suppliers provide their customers.

How do electricity companies calculate neighborhood comparisons?

Electricity companies don’t just compare your monthly usage to random Texans. They typically compare your usage with other homes of similar size in your area.

From there, they can tell you whether you’re:

Note: Each power company will have their own methods of gathering and reporting data. Plus, their rating system may vary from the description above.

What information do energy providers include on neighborhood comparison reports?

Electricity providers show other useful information in their report beyond just how your usage compares to your neighbors.

Reasons may include:

Overall, these comparisons provide valuable information about energy usage and costs, as well as ways to save energy and reduce energy bills.

Take advantage of these comparisons! They will empower you to make informed choices about how you use electricity in your home.

Why do electricity companies send out energy use comparisons?

Sure, using less energy can help net you a lower monthly electric bill. But why would electricity companies want you to be more energy efficient?

A few reasons include:

No matter the reasons, energy efficiency is a win-win for electricity companies and their customers.

How do I find an electric company near me?

It’s simple to find the best energy supplier for your home, family and budget! Just visit Everything Energy and enter your ZIP. You’ll quickly find providers in your area offering plans that fit your needs. Plus, the apples-to-apples comparisons make choosing a new plan easier than ever.

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