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Minimize Electricity Costs for a Festive July 4th

Posted on by Everything Energy 2 minutes 40 seconds

If there’s one holiday that’s made even better through energy efficiency, it’s Independence Day. This July 4th, unplug, get out of the house and enjoy some festive activities with family and friends that won’t any additional electricity costs to your monthly bill.

Sidestep high energy prices by grilling

Fire up the barbie! It wouldn’t be a Texas 4th without a grilled meal (or two). Will you go with classic American burgers and hotdogs? Or will you get fancy with lobster tails—the most searched-for grilling recipe in Texas? Either way, you’ll save some kilowatt hours (kWh) by not using your oven or stovetop, potentially lowering your electricity costs.

Ride a bike instead of surfing the Internet

It’s easy to head inside to the air-conditioned comfort of your home and chill with a mobile device. But with electricity prices up across the nation, it’s worth breaking a sweat to help lower your average electricity bill. So, turn the AC off for a bit and take that bike ride, hike or stroll. In the company of friends and family of all ages, you can celebrate your freedom in the great outdoors.

Cool off with some water fun

While having a swimming pool can be refreshing, it can also make you say, “My electricity bill is how much?!” So, if you don’t have a pool, you’re already saving a lot of kWhs over your pool-owning neighbors. Plus, you can still make a splash by turning on a sprinkler, visiting a public pool or having a good old-fashioned water balloon fight. And if you do have a pool? Use it to cool off instead of the AC when you can!

Enjoy a parade for $0 in electricity costs

A Fourth of July parade is a hallmark of the holiday, whether you’re in a large city or a small town. Take in the music, floats and community spirit while celebrating the nation’s independence. Firstly, it costs absolutely nothing, using none of your own electricity. Secondly, it’s sure to put you in a patriotic mood. Find July 4th celebrations in Texas here. Or, check with your city’s Convention & Visitor’s Bureau to locate a parade near you.

Let the night sky inspire you

While many people think of fireworks displays as the ultimate Fourth of July event, a night of stargazing can be just as thrilling. Regardless, neither activity will have you thinking twice about your electric bill or kwh cost. But staring up into the sky with wonder will make for a magical holiday evening.

Extend the day with a backyard campout

You may not want your energy-efficient July 4th to end. So, why not keep the AC off overnight and set up a tent outdoors to continue the festivities until dawn? From s’mores to chatting around the firepit, you can totally forget about your electricity-consuming devices and modern appliances. Instead, enjoy making lasting memories with loved ones.

Celebrate Independence Day all year 

The deregulated Texas energy market gives you independence from your utility company, letting you choose your preferred retail electricity provider. If your electricity contract expires soon, it’s time to exercise your power to choose. Check out Everything Energy’s electricity price comparison tools. You can see your estimated average electricity costs, compare plan offers and choose the energy plan that best fits your usage habits and preferences. Happy 4th!

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