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Texas Energy Supply Facts & Figures

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According to the most recent census, more than 29 million people call Texas home. There are more than 11.5 million housing units and 618,000 businesses, and over 90% of the population has an Internet subscription. According to a Residential Energy Consumption Survey,  95% of homes use air conditioning equipment. Suffice it to say, keeping it all running takes a large energy supply.

Where does all this energy come from? And how does Texas compare to other states when it comes to electricity? From consumption and energy suppliers to renewable generation and beyond, keep reading for interesting energy facts about the Lone Star State.

Energy supply facts about Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas — and that applies to energy too! Take a look at some of these impressive stats:

Texas renewable energy supply facts

Texas is helping to advance the clean energy movement through the state’s great renewable energy potential.

Did you know that nonhydroelectric renewables, like wind and solar power, make up the second-highest source of net electricity generation in the state? (EIA)

Plus, two Texas towns are walking the talk when it comes to renewables.

Here are a few more Texas energy supply facts about wind and solar power:

Facts about Texas electric suppliers

Thanks to deregulation, most Texas residents have the power to choose their electricity suppliers. This means the many electricity companies in the state compete for your business. You can look for the cheapest electricity supplier or the one that offers the most “bells and whistles.” The choice is yours!

Making an electricity price comparison

Now you know more about the energy supply in Texas and the many options available to you in this great state. To find an REP and plan that fits your budget and lifestyle, Everything Energy has you covered.

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