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5 Tips for an Energy-Efficient 4th of July BBQ

Posted on by Everything Energy 2 minutes, 8 seconds

If you’re planning a 4th of July BBQ this weekend, you’re not alone. Almost 70% of Americans will have a cookout to celebrate Independence Day. Whether you’re hosting a large gathering or spending time with your immediate family, you can still make it an energy-efficient occasion by following these easy, helpful tips approved by energy providers in Texas.

Tip #1: Keep the party outdoors

Make your 4th of July BBQ a fun and energy-efficient outdoor affair. By raising your air conditioner temperature and keeping the party outside (bathroom breaks are allowed, of course!), you’ll save energy and encourage unplugged activities like yard games and sports competitions. It’s a win-win for the environment and your enjoyment!

Tip #2: Cool off naturally

Even though you’ll be outside in the heat, you and your party can still stay comfortable using energy-free strategies. For example, seek out shade under a patio umbrella, awning, or tree to get relief from the direct sunlight. Or keep a cooling towel around your neck. And keep a supply of ice-cold beverages on hand to stay hydrated. You won’t even miss your air-conditioned living room when you plan ahead!

Tip #3: Serve cold apps and sides

Yes, a cookout or BBQ signals hot food will be served. But aside from grilling, you can avoid heat-producing appliances by serving chilled apps and side dishes like salad, fruit platters, and guac or cowboy caviar with chips. Since your refrigerator is always running anyway, you won’t be using any additional electricity for these sides. Plus, cold foods always pair well with hot summer days!

Tip #4: Cook with energy-efficient appliances

If you need to cook some items in your kitchen, you can still minimize energy usage by utilizing efficient appliances. So, if a pressure cooker, slow cooker, or microwave can do the job, use one of these instead of your oven or stove.

Tip #5: Use solar lighting

If your 4th of July BBQ stretches late into the night, use solar lighting instead of traditional lights to keep the area well-lit and energy efficient. Solar lighting options abound, from string lights and tiki torches to floodlights and more. You’ll save electricity while basking in a nice, warm glow.

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