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Read on to find out about electricity providers in Harlingen, Texas.

Texas is the largest energy producing and energy consuming state in the country There’s always something happening in Harlingen—known as the “Capital City of the Valley.” The town of over 68,000 residents is just 30 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico, South Padre Island’s beaches and scenic sites like the Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge.

State flag of Texas waving in the wind.

Located in the center of the Rio Grande Valley, Harlingen is part of one of the fastest-growing regions in Texas. Since the 1980s, the Rio Grande Valley population has more than doubled, from just under 600,000 people to nearly 1.4 million—and Harlingen has seen its fair share of this explosive growth. What makes Harlingen so attractive is the warm tropical weather, an abundance of activities and attractions, as well as a community that is warm and welcoming.

Harlingen is a great spot for birdwatchers as well. Two of the nine World Birding Centers are located in the Rio Grande Valley—the 40-acre Harlingen Thicket and the Arroyo Colorado in the 55-acre Hugh Ramsey Nature Center. Located in the “Central Flyway,” over 400 species of birds have been seen in this area, and visitors come from around the world to catch a glimpse of these exotic migratory birds. The area also attracts golfers, boaters, cyclists, fishermen, hunters, campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Find cheap and best electricity rates in Harlingen

The goal for Everything Energy is to make shopping easy so that consumers can pick the right electricity plan for their family and lifestyle. Compare the best electric plan in Harlingen, Texas and shop electricity plans from the best energy providers.

Difference between Fixed and Variable plans

Fixed rates are sometimes called Secure or Term. These provide you with a fixed price for the length of your contract. They provide price security, but they usually have a cancellation fee if you switch away before the term is up. The cancellation fee is usually not applicable if you move.

Variable rate plans are sometimes called Flex plans or Month To Month plans. In this arrangement, there is no term length and you can switch providers anytime. However, your electricity rate can change each month. These plans don’t lock you into a commitment, so they are great for consumers that are in a short-term situation.

Understanding your Electricity bill

The Electricity Facts Label includes these items:

How is the Electricity Bill Calculated?

A typical electric bill calculation with information from the EFL looks something like this:
(Energy Charge x kWh used) + Fixed TDSP fee + (Variable TDSP fee x kWh used) + Other Fixed Monthly Charge = Estimated Electricity Bill

To calculate your average price per kWh:
Estimated Electricity Bill/kWh used = Average $/kWh

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