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Compare Energy Rates, Not Holiday Gifts

Posted on by Everything Energy 2 minutes 55 seconds

It’s been said that “Comparison is the thief of joy.” When it comes to looking at someone who has “more” or “better,” comparison will steal your joy. Having just been the giver and receiver of some holiday gifts, it’s easy to start comparing with others. But a more beneficial exercise would be to compare energy rates.

By that, we mean shop around for the best electricity rates for your unique lifestyle.

How do I score the best electricity deals?

To get a deal on anything, you usually need to “shop around.” Most of us do it for mortgage rates and insurance … for electronics and clothing … for groceries and travel. The same applies to electricity. But don’t worry — it’s much easier than holiday shopping. 

To make sure you get an affordable rate that works well for your home and lifestyle, perform an electricity supplier comparison. That way, you can see what kinds of plans and pricing each of the electricity providers offers. 

Note: There are many electricity providers in Texas. Make sure you’re searching among trusted Texas energy providers. Learn how to identify them here.

How do I compare energy rates and providers easily?

A great way to make apples-to-apples comparisons of electricity plans is to shop through an energy broker like Everything Energy. There, you’ll find plans from a number of trusted electricity providers. You can search based on your typical usage, term length preference and other factors. You can also see average monthly bills for each plan, so you can compare energy rates accurately.

What should I be aware of when I compare energy rates?

When you start shopping around, remember it’s more than just finding the cheapest electricity provider. There are quite a few things to take into consideration when you want to compare energy prices and plans, including:

One or more of these factors may be very important to you and your lifestyle. Because of this, the cheapest electricity provider might not necessarily be the best for you.

What else should I look for when I compare energy prices?

Some websites make it tricky to make accurate comparisons between plans. Comparing the price per kwh of plans only shows part of the story. Make sure you’ve read the details of each plan to determine if any contain extra fees or rate increases that could bump your price per kwh higher.

Everything Energy helps take the guesswork out of comparison shopping by showing monthly bill estimates for every plan based on your inputs. This way, you can make accurate comparisons and avoid any surprises. 

Start shopping now to compare energy rates and providers

Shopping for electricity is one form of comparison that won’t steal your joy. You may even jump for joy when you see how easy it is to find the best electricity rates and options for your lifestyle. Search plans in your area today!

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