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Energy Companies in Texas — What People are Saying

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When it comes to energy companies in Texas, you have many choices. Before you sign up for Texas electricity rates based solely on price per kilowatt hour, it’s important to find a Texas power company you can trust. Doing so takes time and research. 

Part of that research is learning about others’ experiences with specific energy companies in Texas. This includes family and friends, neighbors and online reviews.

Below are some testimonials from current or past customers of some of Texas’s trustworthy electricity providers.

Reliant Energy

Founded in 2000, Reliant Energy has been serving Texans for over two decades. In addition to residential electricity, they also power businesses. Electricity shoppers may be interested to know that Reliant Energy offers 24/7 customer support.

What people are saying about Reliant Energy

This type of plan, sometimes called a “Time of Use” plan, offers free or discounted rates during certain days or timeframes. If you use the bulk of your electricity during the time period offered on a Time of Use plan, this may be a good Texas power plan choice for you.

If your home has solar panels, or you’re considering adding them, some energy companies in Texas offer solar-specific plans worth researching.

It speaks volumes if, when given the power to choose Texas electricity from any provider, someone sticks with the same one for two decades.

You don’t find many people bragging about their energy bill! But when you get organized and shop around, you can find a plan and pricing that could have you shouting its praise from the rooftops.

Green Mountain Energy

As the longest-serving retail energy provider, Green Mountain Energy offers 100% clean energy plans for homes and businesses. If you’re looking to incorporate more sustainability into your life, choosing Green Mountain Energy is an easy place to start.

What people are saying about Green Mountain Energy

All of Green Mountain Energy’s electricity plans are sourced from 100% renewable sources, like the wind and the sun. When it comes to promoting clean energy for a healthier planet, the company is all in.

In addition to renewable energy, Green Mountain Energy is one of the energy companies in Texas that emphasizes saving energy and green living

This Texas electric company lets you easily manage your account and view your usage history, online or via their app.

Shopping around can not only help you find some of the best electricity rates in Texas — it can also give you peace of mind that you made a smart choice.

Direct Energy

With more than 20 years in business, Direct Energy empowers customers to track, understand and control the electricity they use. Doing all these things can help you conserve energy and potentially lower your bill.

What people are saying about Direct Energy

Direct Energy is a company that delivers on the important things: ease of use, helpfulness and affordability.

It’s always helpful when energy companies in Texas offer multiple ways to pay your electricity bill. When signing up for a Texas electric provider, make sure you can make a payment the way you prefer. 

This is a prime example of why shopping for electricity is not just about finding the cheapest price per kilowatt hour listed online. Factoring in Time of Use discounts, how your family uses energy and your average monthly usage can all play a role in helping to keep your monthly bill in check.

As many saw during Winter Storm Uri in 2021, customer support from energy companies in Texas can become an important factor in customer satisfaction. Choosing a proven Texas electric provider with positive reviews like this one can help ease your mind.

Time of Use plans can work out well for people that use a majority of their energy during the plan’s specified time periods. But if you don’t, you can always shift your usage times to maximize your savings on that type of plan. 

Cirro Energy

Cirro Energy has been serving Texas residents for years, making electricity “affordable, easy and hassle-free.” For example, bills are simplified and extremely easy to understand, with most charges combined into one simple balance.

What people are saying about Cirro Energy

Energy companies in Texas that help customers budget better, like Cirro Energy with its Average Billing option, provide a valuable benefit.

Cirro Energy prioritizes making electricity easy, from enrollment to support. 

Getting answers or a resolution quickly when you have a pressing issue or concern is invaluable. Cirro Energy strives to make dealing with your electricity service a non-factor in your busy day.

Discount Power

For years, Discount Power has taken a no-frills, back-to-basics approach to residential electricity. While you won’t find lots of bells and whistles, you will still get excellent customer service, affordable plan options and energy-saving tips from this trustworthy Texas power company.

What people are saying about Discount Power

Sometimes, it boils down to finding a plan that fits your budget, which Discount Power aims to deliver.

Energy companies in Texas know that it takes competitive rates and excellent service to earn your business. When you find one that offers both, it can feel like a perfect match.

What energy companies in Texas should I research?

To view rates and plans from Texas electric companies you can trust, check out Everything Energy. Use the easy, free search tools to find and compare great electricity plans to fit your family, home and budget. 

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