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What service does Everything Energy provide?

Everything Energy is an electricity broker. Our shopping website helps customers in the areas of Texas open to retail electric competition find the electricity plan that works for them.

Do I need to pay Everything Energy to use its shopping website?

No. The Everything Energy site is free to use for all shoppers.

Does Everything Energy receive compensation from Retail Electricity Providers (REPs) for the services provided on this website?

Everything Energy has agreements with the partner REPs represented on this site. When an electricity shopper follows a link from Everything Energy to a REP, and then completes an enrollment with that REP, Everything Energy receives a commission.

Is Everything Energy affiliated with any Retail Electricity Providers (REPs)?

Everything Energy is affiliated with the following retail electricity providers in Texas: Reliant Energy Retail Services LLC, Green Mountain Energy Company, Direct Energy LP, Direct Energy Business LLC, First Choice Power LLC, CPL Retail Energy LP, Stream SPE LTD, US Retailers LLC (d/b/a/ Cirro Energy and Discount Power), WTU Retail Energy LP, and XOOM Energy Texas LLC.

Is Everything Energy registered with the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT)?

Yes. Everything Energy is registered with the PUCT as an electricity broker (BR210182). In the unlikely event that Everything Energy is unable to resolve an issue you have had with our service, you can contact the PUCT at (888) 782-8477 or via email at customer@puc.texas.gov.