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How an Energy Broker Could Help You Save Money

Posted on by Everything Energy 2 minutes 50 seconds

Everything Energy is an energy broker. Specifically, we help residential customers find the best electricity provider and electricity plan for their home, preferences and lifestyle. 

Read on to learn how you can benefit from using an electricity broker in your home energy search.

What does an energy broker do?

Like many other types of brokers, an energy broker (or utility broker) connects a buyer and seller. For Everything Energy, that means a residential customer and an electricity provider.

As an energy broker, Everything Energy’s goal is to give consumers a straightforward way to make apples-to-apples comparisons of electricity plans. We want to simplify the somewhat daunting task of choosing an energy provider. Our tools help you narrow down the options from a variety of trusted Texas electricity providers

Saving money with an energy broker

Using Everything Energy’s innovative search tools, you can zero in on the best energy provider and plan for your specific needs. 

In reality, one size never fits all when it comes to electricity plans. Some plans work well for a family of five in a 2000-square-foot home. But those same plans may not be optimal for a college student living in a studio apartment. 

The price could appear to be the same when focusing only on the cost per kilowatt-hour. But when you apply a higher level of personalization and adjust for usage habits, a different story may emerge.

As an energy broker, Everything Energy takes the information you provide and factors that into the equation. What you get are average bill estimates that let you make more precise comparisons. This helps you get the best plan for you, which in turn could save you money.

What does an energy broker not do?

There are several things an energy broker does not do. These include:

Does it cost money to use an electricity broker?

Not at all! The best part about an energy broker is that it doesn’t cost you, the consumer, anything to use. We’re simply here to offer you a number of solutions to choose from. And we are confident we can help you find the perfect fit for your needs. 

You don’t need to provide your credit card to use our site, or even any personal information. Just filter your options by selecting your monthly electricity usage, term length preferences and other inputs. You’re even able to search for green energy suppliers and plans. Or, view only the energy plans that offer airline miles or other perks. The choice is yours.

Once you make a decision, you go directly to the electricity provider’s website for the sign-up process.

For the most personalized results, you do have the choice of allowing Everything Energy to access your Smart Meter data. However, this is optional. And it always requires your prior consent.

How do I start using an energy broker to find the best electric company for my needs?

You’re almost there! Just click over to the Everything Energy home page to get started. Enter your ZIP code to view electricity plans available in your area. Then, explore our filters to find the very best electricity plan for your home, family and needs.

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