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Pair Cheap Electricity Rates with ENERGY STAR® Rebates

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The end of 2023 is near. If you’ve bought an ENERGY STAR® certified product this year, or plan to, there may be rebates and tax credits available. Claiming these, along with securing cheap electricity rates, can help you put money back into your pocket in 2024.

What does “ENERGY STAR® certified” mean?

ENERGY STAR® is a program run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It’s a certification that shows people which items are energy efficient. To earn this certification, and the helpful blue ENERGY STAR label, a product must meet strict efficiency standards. These are set by the EPA.


Using less energy can usually help you lower your electricity bill. Even people who are getting the best electricity deals could find more savings by becoming more energy efficient.

Since it began in 1992, ENERGY STAR and its partners have helped:

So, if you’re in the market for a new electricity-using item, it makes sense to consider one that’s ENERGY STAR certified.

What types of ENERGY STAR rebates and tax credits can I get?

Many tax credits and rebates for ENERGY STAR products vary by the item, when you bought it and where you live, among other factors.

To see what savings are available, visit ENERGY STAR’s Rebate Finder. Just type in your ZIP code. Then, all the credits and rebates available in your area will be shown.

What ENERGY STAR products have tax credits?

Under the Inflation & Reduction Act of 2022, federal income tax credits are available through 2032 for certain energy-efficiency upgrades in homes. Look for tax credits offered for:

What ENERGY STAR products have rebates?

On top of tax credits, there may also be rebates open on some ENERGY STAR products. In addition to the items listed above, other appliances and electronics with the ENERGY STAR certification that may have incentives include:

Energy-efficiency rebates + cheap electricity rates = savings

To maximize your savings, pair ENERGY STAR certified products with low-cost electricity rates. To find some of the best energy providers in Texas, along with plans that fit your lifestyle and rates that fit your budget, shop for electricity with Everything Energy.

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