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Which Energy Company is Right for You?

Posted on by Everything Energy 3 minutes 15 seconds

Picking an energy company in Texas to power your home can feel like a big task. There’s something for everyone. Yet not everything is a good fit for you.

That’s why you should go into your search knowing what you want. Then, it’s a lot easier and faster to make a choice. So, finding the right energy company for you means first deciding what you’re looking for.

What’s most important to you (and your family)? Sure, price is a factor. But it’s the value you get from the energy company that really matters. Take a look at some common factors involved in choosing from the many electricity providers in Texas.

What is important in an energy company?

Electricity companies all supply power to your home. But that may be where the similarities end. Each one actually offers something unique. To find the energy company that best fits your needs, consider the seven factors below.


Electricity plan term lengths can vary widely. This may be important to your final decision. You might want to lock in a price for a year or more. Or you may like the freedom that a month-to-month plan offers. Your lifestyle and preferences will guide your choice.

Tip: When you shop for electricity plans, you can filter and sort plans by term length


You may feel better choosing an energy company that has been around for many years. Or, one that your family or friends like. No matter your criteria, you’ll want to find an electric company in Texas you trust.

FYI: All of the electricity providers on Everything Energy have a proven track record of serving Texans.

Extras & perks

Electricity companies sometimes offer extra incentives for enrolling. Some incentives may include airline miles, energy-efficient gadgets, bill credits, or gift cards. Factor in the value of these offers. How much they appeal to you? This will help you decide which energy company works best for you. 

Hint: When you search for a home electricity plan on our site, you can filter your results to see plans that offer extras. Just select Perks and Rewards on the search page.

Renewable energy options

Plans that deliver solar or wind power are popular choices. That’s because they make it easy to lower your carbon footprint. So, if you want to be more eco-friendly, a clean energy plan may be your top priority when choosing an energy company.

You can learn more about clean energy from energy.gov.

Did you know? For renewable energy companies, you can’t go wrong with Green Mountain Energy.

Green options

In addition to renewable energy plans, some electricity companies also offer other ways to “go green” at home. This ranges from free eco-gadgets to innovative tools. The aim is to make your home more energy efficient. 

Heads up: Direct Energy and Reliant Energy are two energy providers that often give these types of options.

Ease of service

To some people, talk of kilowatt (kWh) hours and usage can be overwhelming. Don’t forget, energy shopping tools can simplify your search. But there are also companies that put extra effort into making electricity as simple as possible. 

Note: Cirro Energy is an energy company that makes electricity easy from enrollment to billing.

Overall cost

When you’re on a strict budget, cost is king. Keep one thing in mind though; the lowest cost per kWh doesn’t always mean the cheapest electricity. Luckily, you can get personalized monthly bill estimates on Everything Energy. This will help you make apples-to-apples comparisons of your plan options, and that’s very important when evaluating energy rates and plans.

Check it out: Discount Power’s budget-friendly energy solutions keep electricity affordable for Texas residents.

Find the energy company that matches your life.

Looking for an electric company that caters to your lifestyle? Start with Everything Energy. Our one-stop shop offers personalized pricing estimates and easy-to-use search tools. Plus, you’ll find all the info you need to select a new energy plan. Best of all, it’s so easy to use—start shopping today!

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