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What the Best Energy Companies Do Differently

Posted on by Everything Energy 2 minutes, 54 seconds

Electric companies play a crucial role in meeting today’s growing demand for power while reducing environmental impact. And because of energy deregulation in Texas, you have the power to choose your electric company. But not all energy providers are created equal. The best energy companies stand out from the pack by doing more for you, communities and the environment.

Let’s take a closer look at what some of the best energy companies do differently.

The best energy companies embrace renewable energy

While fossil fuels still account for more than half of the nation’s utility-scale electricity generation, renewables (including solar and wind power) are the fastest-growing energy source in the U.S.

Renewable energy, or clean energy, comes from natural sources or processes that are constantly replenished. Energy companies that recognize this will offer plan options where energy is sourced from renewables such as sun or wind. That gives everyone the ability to support clean energy, even without the addition of solar panels on their rooftops.

Top energy providers prioritize energy efficiency

In addition to growing renewable energy, some of the best energy companies are those that promote energy efficiency. Energy efficiency increases the resilience and reliability of the electric grid, and provides environmental, community, and health benefits. It’s also financially beneficial — for consumers and the energy companies themselves.

Providing education on how to conserve energy helps people make better choices in their homes. Offering tools (like apps and smart devices) and resources (like informative articles and energy-saving tips) empowers customers with knowledge and encourages them to use energy responsibly.

The best energy companies are digitally advanced

We live in a high-tech age. So electric companies with technology that enhances their products and services can expect a positive customer response.

For example, expanding payment channels for customers who prefer to pay through an app is important. As of May 2021, around 10% of consumers were paying their utility bill via a digital payment app.

A proprietary app can also offer enhanced benefits. Through an app, you can take advantage of account management options and other perks easily and enjoy other nifty app features. And with smart meters being the norm in most deregulated areas in Texas, some apps offer a more granular view of personal usage data.

The best electric company is the one that best meets your needs

Remember, a cheap electric company is not necessarily the best electric company. Sometimes, you get what you pay for. That’s why it’s important to look beyond the cheapest energy plans and take a holistic view of an electric company.

In addition to the traits listed above, look for trusted energy companies that:

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