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6 Summer Energy-Saving Activities for Kids

May 21 2024

Even with the best power company in Texas, energy bills in the Lone Star State can spike in summer. With children finishing the school year, now is the perfect time to implement some energy-saving activities for kids that will help keep summer electric bills under control.

#1 Go screen-free for a day

Kids up to age 8 spend an average of 2.5 hours in front of a screen each day, while children age 8-10 are in front of a screen around 6 hours per day.

Take a break from digital entertainment by challenging the kids (or the whole family!) to unplug from electronics for a day. That includes TVs, computers, tablets, gaming consoles, and cell phones. Here are just a few ways they could have an enjoyable, screen-free day:

  • Outdoor activities with friends
  • Board games
  • Reading
  • Writing a letter to a grandparent or favorite teacher
  • Arts and crafts

The options are endless — and the results are worth it!

#2 Experiment with sunshine

Take science outdoors with exciting experiments that use heat from the sun. A few possible experiments that kids could do with an adult include:

Or, just let them make up experiments with the heat using their creativity and curiosity. How fast does an ice cube melt in the sun vs. in the shade? How hot does soil feel on the surface vs. digging 3” into it? What color objects get the hottest and stay the coolest in direct sunlight?

#3 Hang laundry on a clothesline

Skip the clothes dryer and go electricity-free by showing your kids how to hang laundry on a clothesline. This energy-saving activity of hanging up and taking down laundry probably won’t even feel like a chore if they make a game of it.

Plus, it’s easy, it’s calming, it disinfects fabric, it helps clothes last longer — and it’s good for the planet. Air-drying clothes instead of using a dryer can reduce an average household’s carbon footprint by 2,400 pounds per year.

#4 Be energy helpers around the home

Start your children on the path to eco-consciousness by having them be energy-saving superheroes at home. Specific tasks they can help with include:

  • Turning off lights when leaving a room
  • Unplugging unused small electronics to avoid vampire power
  • Closing doors and windows when the air conditioner is on

They’ll get a sense of responsibility and take pride in helping protect the environment while also helping you save money on the bill from your Texas power company.

#5 Use light the smart way

Reduce the use of artificial lighting during the day by encouraging kids to open curtains and blinds to let sunlight into the room.

Also, teach them to close those curtains and blinds in unused rooms. This will block out the hot summer sun and reduce heat gain, which means your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard.

#6 Have an outdoors-only day

Give your air conditioner a break by dedicating a day to outdoor fun and games. While you’re outside, you can reasonably raise the temperature on your thermostat, so your A/C unit doesn’t need to work as hard, which helps shave some kilowatt hours off the electricity bill you get from your power company in Texas. Plus, outdoor activities can promote a healthy lifestyle.

Potential activities include:

  • Picnics
  • Pool/sprinkler/water balloon fun
  • Nature walks or hikes
  • Naps in the shade
  • Gardening
  • Yard games

Don’t forget to hydrate during all that outdoor fun!

Find a power company in Texas to get you through the hottest summer days.

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