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Finding you the best energy plans

Compare Energy Plans: Fixed-Rate vs. Variable-Rate

Jul 25 2023

When you compare energy plans in Texas, it’s important to know the key differences between two common types of electricity plans: fixed-rate and variable-rate. Each type of plan has its own set of advantages. Understanding them can help you make an informed decision about the best electricity plans for your needs and budget.

What is a fixed-rate electricity plan?

A fixed-rate electricity plan gives you a stable electricity rate for the length of your contract. Term lengths often range from 6-24 months with 12 months being a very common term length.  

Key features of fixed-rate energy plans

Rate Stability: No matter how the energy market fluctuates, your price per kWh remains constant for the contracted period (unless there are changes in Transmission and Distribution fees or other matters/fees beyond your retail electric providers control). This stability means more predictability and fewer surprises. You can budget better and not have to worry about sudden price increases.

Contract Length: To get the benefit of a predictable, fixed rate, you usually need to sign a contract for a specific period of time. This can be a positive if you prefer long-term stability. But it might not be as appealing if you want more flexibility or if you’re unsure about your long-term plans because fixed-rate energy plans sometimes have early cancellation fees if you want to switch providers before your contract has expired.

Price Comparison: Fixed-rate plans make it easier to compare energy plans and prices since the rate is steady. This helps you assess and choose the cheapest electricity plan for your lifestyle and needs over a set period of time.

What is a variable-rate electricity plan?

A variable-rate electricity plan is also known as a month-to-month plan. This type of plan gives you electricity rates that can vary from month to month without requiring a long-term commitment.

Key features of variable-rate energy plans

Flexibility: Compared to fixed-rate plans, variable-rate energy plans give you more flexibility. It’s easier to switch to another provider or plan. This is because there are usually no long-term contracts or cancellation fees. This can be a positive if you think there may be changes in your electricity usage or if you want to keep your options open.

Market Dependence: Variable-rate plans are directly influenced by market conditions. The rates can go up or down based on demand, fuel costs, weather, and other factors. Sometimes, this can result in lower rates than a fixed-rate plan offers.

Cost Variability: Variable rates mean less predictability in your monthly electricity bill because the rate can change every month. The fluctuating pricing structure also makes it more difficult to compare electricity rates. Plus, it can make budgeting trickier since you would need to monitor your electricity usage and market trends.

Which type of electricity plan gives me the lowest electricity rates?

As you have seen, both fixed-rate and variable-rate plans have their pros and cons. You can find low electricity rates with both types of plans, but don’t leave it up to luck. Compare energy plans and providers to see which will fit your home, lifestyle, budget, usage habits and preferences the best.

(And don’t forget to factor in any additional perks that may be offered with certain plans or providers.)

Compare energy plans to find the best electricity rates for you

Whether you’re looking for the rate stability of a fixed-rate plan or the flexibility of a variable-rate plan, Everything Energy has you covered.

Use our free search tools to view and compare energy plans from electricity companies in Texas you can trust. Filter by your average monthly usage, term length preference and more. Then, sign up when you find the perfect fit.

Ready to shop? Start here!

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Solar Electricity Companies in Texas — Get the 411

Apr 11 2023

If you want to make a change to solar energy at home, you’re in luck. Texas residents have several solar electricity companies and plans to choose from. Keep reading for more information on making the sustainable switch.

What is solar power, and why is it beneficial?

Solar power is the conversion of the sun’s energy into power. The sun is a renewable energy source, meaning its supply will never deplete. Using solar energy to power your home offers a way to reduce your carbon emissions. This, of course, helps the planet.

Texas leads the nation in both energy production and energy consumption. Plus, it’s among the leading states in solar energy potential. So, it makes sense for the state to give consumers access to renewables like solar and wind power. And that’s just what several solar electricity companies have done in recent years.

Are there solar power companies near me?

There are many electric generating plants across Texas that produce renewable power. But you don’t have to live near any of these plants to use solar power. You simply need to find a Retail Electric Provider (REP) that offers electricity plans sourced from solar energy. (Or, in the case of rooftop solar, special plans designed for homes that generate their own solar power.)

Green Mountain Energy and Reliant Energy are two long-standing Texas REPs that offer several residential solar power plans to choose from.

What do Texas solar electricity companies offer?

You have two options for solar power when it comes to Texas solar electricity companies. One is having a solar panel installation at home that generates power via a rooftop solar array. The other is using solar energy to power your home without having rooftop solar installed.

Note: REPs do not typically install solar panels on homes. However, some REPs — like Green Mountain Energy and Reliant — do offer exclusive benefits when you choose one of their preferred solar panel installation companies to work with.

Solar power through solar panel installation at home

If you already have solar panels on your home, or you’re thinking about adding them, you’re in good company. The U.S. Solar Market Insight 2022 Year in Review reports that 6% of single-family owner-occupied homes in the U.S. have solar installed, as of year-end 2022.

When your home generates its own solar energy, it can sometimes make more than what you need. If you live in a deregulated electricity market, you will want to find solar electricity companies that offer solar buyback plans. By selling solar energy to the grid that your home makes but doesn’t use, you can maximize your return on your solar investment.

Green Mountain Energy and Reliant are two REPs that offer solar buyback programs.

Solar power without rooftop solar

If you don’t have rooftop solar on your home, or if you rent and don’t have that option, you can still access solar energy. Just choose an electricity plan from a REP that includes solar product content. (The name or description of the plan will usually indicate that it Is partially or fully powered by solar.)

Are solar power electric rates higher than traditional energy rates?

Every situation, and energy plan, is different.

If you have rooftop solar, you will need to factor in many things to make a comparison to a traditional energy plan. These include:

  • The cost of the panels
  • The payback or breakeven period
  • How long you will own your home after installation
  • How much electricity you use each month
  • How much excess electricity you generate each month
  • The cost per kilowatt hour of using solar electricity vs. a non-renewable source

For non-rooftop solar plans, you should compare the cost per kilowatt hour and other variables to a similar plan whose energy comes from a non-renewable source. (And even if it costs a bit more, being able to reduce your carbon footprint without paying thousands of dollars for a solar array may be worth it to you.)

What are the top solar power companies near me?

As stated above, Green Mountain Energy and Reliant are both tried-and-true solar electricity companies in Texas. Each has been in operation for decades. And both offer unique benefits to consumers, so they are worth checking out.

How do I start my search for solar electricity companies?

To find the best energy provider for solar to power your home and lifestyle, start shopping. Everything Energy offers easy-to-use tools that let you search and compare plans, pricing and perks with ease. Plus, you can enroll in minutes. Just enter your ZIP code to get started.

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An Original “Electricity Provider”— Ben Franklin

Jan 17 2023

You may have searched for the “best energy supplier” for your home. Or the “cheapest electricity supplier.” But have you ever thought about the origins of electricity itself? One such story begins with an original electricity provider, Benjamin Franklin.

Today, January 17, marks the birthday of this jack-of-all-trades Founding Father. It’s true that no one person can claim to have discovered electricity. However, his contributions in the field cement his spot in the history of electricity. 

Why is Ben Franklin considered a pioneering electricity provider?

Benjamin Franklin was born over 300 years ago in 1706 colonial Boston. After expanding his printing business in the colonies, he had earned enough money to retire at age 42. Around that time, he started conducting experiments with electricity that would eventually lead to what we now refer to as electric suppliers.

Franklin’s interest in electricity

Being a curious person and inventor (of bifocals, swim fins and the odometer, to name a few), Franklin started exploring electricity. Up until then, electricity had mostly been used in magic tricks to shock and delight people. However, an electricity provider for home energy did not appear on anyone’s radar.

In 1750, he produced an important invention. Noting that lightning usually struck the highest point of a home, and that it could cause fires, Franklin invented the lightning rod. Fixed to a structure’s highest point, the rod would redirect the lightning’s current into the ground

Then, Franklin conducted his famous kite experiment in 1752. This helped him show the connection between electricity and lightning.

In short, these and many other discoveries by Franklin helped advance knowledge and application of electricity. Thanks to this, we can now rely on an electricity provider to power our homes and businesses.

Fun facts about Ben Franklin, a pioneer for today’s electricity provider

Before there were energy providers for homes and businesses, there was Ben Franklin. A Founding Father, writer, inventor … he led a truly interesting life.

Fun facts about Ben Franklin

  • Franklin dropped out of school at age 10 to help in his father’s candle and soap shop
  • Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanack, containing weather predictions, poetry, recipes, advice, proverbs and more, made him very wealthy.
  • Franklin started the first volunteer fire department in America
  • In 1785, Franklin became the wealthiest person in the newly formed U.S.
  • Franklin played chess competitively and earned a place in the Chess Hall of Fame in 1999

Compare your modern electricity provider options with Everything Energy

Now here we are in present-day Texas, enjoying the fruits of Ben Franklin’s (and many others’) labor. For residential electricity that keeps your home comfortable and your life moving, Everything Energy has you covered. Shop for an electricity provider and plan using our free tools today. Just enter your ZIP code to get started!

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Texas Energy Companies: 4 Eco-Friendly Practices

Sep 27 2022

Today’s Texas energy companies don’t just provide electricity. They also offer some amazing ways for you and your family to become more eco-friendly. And they make it pretty easy too! 

Here are four ways that Texas electric companies — and Texas power itself — have become more planet-focused in recent years.

Paperless billing & Texas energy companies

Also called e-billing, paperless billing removes the need for printed bills. Instead, customers receive bills  online. This reduces paper waste. Customers can then access and pay their bills via email, mobile or web portal. It’s quick and only takes a few clicks.

It’s not a new practice, but paperless billing is an easy way for consumers and Texas energy companies alike to reduce their carbon footprints. This is one small step toward overcoming the problem of paper waste. 

Customers also seem to prefer paperless billing. Fiserv’s Eighth Annual Billing Household Survey shows that 53% of people are interested or very interested in switching their paper bills to e-bills. Only 22% said they’re not interested in that change at all. 

Additionally, Invoice Cloud reports that the top four preferred payment channels are:

  • Online portal – 43%
  • Mobile device – 35%
  • Mailing a check – 6%
  • Paying by phone – 5%

It’s clear that in addition to being eco-friendly, paperless billing is also becoming the preferred way to pay bills.

Most Texas energy companies, including Direct Energy and Cirro Energy, offer the option to go paperless. 

Renewable energy & Texas energy companies

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Texas produced about 26% of the nation’s wind-powered electricity generation in 2021. That led the nation for the 16th year in a row. 

That year, the Lone Star State also led the nation in two other ways. According to CleanPower.org, Texas topped the U.S. in total new clean energy projects and clean power projects under development. 

It’s easy to see the state has a large capacity for clean energy production. That means more Texas energy companies can include wind and solar power in their plan offerings.

How much of a difference can be made by choosing renewables? Green Mountain Energy, based in Houston, has been providing 100% clean energy for more than two decades. To date, its customers have avoided more than 104.1 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. That’s the same as planting over 12.4 million new trees!

Other companies also offer energy made wholly or partially from solar and/or wind. When shopping for electricity, check the Electricity Facts Label. There, you can view each plan’s renewable content.

Green project support & Texas energy companies

Texas electric providers support many charitable efforts. This includes green projects. By donating to non-profits and other groups focused on sustainability, these providers help create a brighter future.

Reliant Energy is one of the Texas energy companies leading the charge. With help from customer contributions, it has raised over $2 million for EarthShare of Texas. This organization over 30 of the state’s most respected environmental organizations. Reliant has also supported organizations like the Texas State Aquarium, the Dallas Zoo and the Galveston Bay Foundation.

Efforts to enhance energy efficiency

Did you know that Texas energy companies want to help consumers conserve electricity? After all, the electricity grid can only handle so much. Keeping resource usage under control benefits everyone. It’s also helpful to the planet.

Many Texas electric companies provide consumers with ways to become more energy efficient. Doing so can also result in budget-friendly bills, which is something Discount Power aims to provide its customers. 

To help you be more efficient, some providers include smart-home tools and solar-powered gadgets that minimize electricity waste. Others offer time-of-use plans. These plans provide lower prices during off-peak hours. This encourages customers to change their habits to help ease demand on the grid. That’s a win for us all. 

Discover Texas energy companies doing good for the planet

As you shop for electricity, notice what types of eco-friendly measures each Texas power company takes. Being eco-friendly benefits the environment. Also, it could positively impact your bill. So check out the options available to you, and start your search today.

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Which Energy Company is Right for You?

Sep 06 2022

Picking an energy company in Texas to power your home can feel like a big task. There’s something for everyone. Yet not everything is a good fit for you.

That’s why you should go into your search knowing what you want. Then, it’s a lot easier and faster to make a choice. So, finding the right energy company for you means first deciding what you’re looking for.

What’s most important to you (and your family)? Sure, price is a factor. But it’s the value you get from the energy company that really matters. Take a look at some common factors involved in choosing from the many electricity providers in Texas.

What is important in an energy company?

Electricity companies all supply power to your home. But that may be where the similarities end. Each one actually offers something unique. To find the energy company that best fits your needs, consider the seven factors below.


Electricity plan term lengths can vary widely. This may be important to your final decision. You might want to lock in a price for a year or more. Or you may like the freedom that a month-to-month plan offers. Your lifestyle and preferences will guide your choice.

Tip: When you shop for electricity plans, you can filter and sort plans by term length


You may feel better choosing an energy company that has been around for many years. Or, one that your family or friends like. No matter your criteria, you’ll want to find an electric company in Texas you trust.

FYI: All of the electricity providers on Everything Energy have a proven track record of serving Texans.

Extras & perks

Electricity companies sometimes offer extra incentives for enrolling. Some incentives may include airline miles, energy-efficient gadgets, bill credits, or gift cards. Factor in the value of these offers. How much they appeal to you? This will help you decide which energy company works best for you. 

Hint: When you search for a home electricity plan on our site, you can filter your results to see plans that offer extras. Just select Perks and Rewards on the search page.

Renewable energy options

Plans that deliver solar or wind power are popular choices. That’s because they make it easy to lower your carbon footprint. So, if you want to be more eco-friendly, a clean energy plan may be your top priority when choosing an energy company.

You can learn more about clean energy from energy.gov.

Did you know? For renewable energy companies, you can’t go wrong with Green Mountain Energy.

Green options

In addition to renewable energy plans, some electricity companies also offer other ways to “go green” at home. This ranges from free eco-gadgets to innovative tools. The aim is to make your home more energy efficient. 

Heads up: Direct Energy and Reliant Energy are two energy providers that often give these types of options.

Ease of service

To some people, talk of kilowatt (kWh) hours and usage can be overwhelming. Don’t forget, energy shopping tools can simplify your search. But there are also companies that put extra effort into making electricity as simple as possible. 

Note: Cirro Energy is an energy company that makes electricity easy from enrollment to billing.

Overall cost

When you’re on a strict budget, cost is king. Keep one thing in mind though; the lowest cost per kWh doesn’t always mean the cheapest electricity. Luckily, you can get personalized monthly bill estimates on Everything Energy. This will help you make apples-to-apples comparisons of your plan options, and that’s very important when evaluating energy rates and plans.

Check it out: Discount Power’s budget-friendly energy solutions keep electricity affordable for Texas residents.

Find the energy company that matches your life.

Looking for an electric company that caters to your lifestyle? Start with Everything Energy. Our one-stop shop offers personalized pricing estimates and easy-to-use search tools. Plus, you’ll find all the info you need to select a new energy plan. Best of all, it’s so easy to use—start shopping today!

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Energy Companies: One Size Never Fits All

Aug 02 2022

In the age of customization and choice, powering your home has become empowering. Energy companies that once had a one-size-fits-all service now offer many options to meet varying consumer needs. Now, when you search for an “electricity company near me,” that’s just the first step. Next, you evaluate the many plan options available to you and pick the most appealing plan for your lifestyle and budget.

Why do energy companies offer so many options?

According to consumer choice theory, people buy things that provide them the greatest happiness, while keeping within their budgets. As we know, people find happiness in different things. Plus, budgets vary. So, a one-size-fits-all approach to home electricity doesn’t offer the best solution for consumers. 

This is especially true for energy companies in Texas. Thanks to the deregulated market, electricity companies must compete for your business. Electricity plan customization and choices are natural effects of a free market. 

What types of plan options do energy providers offer?

Years of competition have led to new and modern electricity plan options for consumers. Today, energy companies offer plans with varying term lengths, pricing structures, sustainability levels, perks and more.

Term length

Want flexibility? Month-to-month plans let you cancel or switch anytime. Want to lock in an excellent rate? 12-, 24- and even 36-month term lengths provide stability. No matter what your situation, energy companies have you covered with a number of term lengths to choose from.

Pricing structure

Whether you use under 500 kilowatt hours (kWh) per month or over 2,000 kWh, you can pinpoint the plan that offers the best rate for your average usage. Plus, you can get even more customized options. For example, do you use more energy at night or on the weekend? Time-of-Use plans offer discounts for energy used during certain timeframes. That means, night owls and/or weekend homebodies can benefit from these types of plan options.

Sustainability levels

If you want to help the planet while you power your home, you’re in luck. Texas led the country in new renewable energy projects in 2021 and continues to offer consumers sustainable home energy options. From renewable energy companies to solar solutions and energy-saving tips, Texas energy companies deliver.


Incentives like gift cards, energy-efficiency tools and even airline miles have become more common parts of energy plans in recent years. In addition, electricity companies continue to develop impressive energy apps that give consumers more control and information. These types of perks can be a big draw for many people. So, they are yet another way energy companies address varying interests and budgets.

What are the best energy companies in Texas?

You have many choices when it comes to electricity plans and energy companies in Texas. The first and most important step? Find electricity providers in Texas you can trust. After that, you can see what plan options they offer and determine which term lengths, pricing structure and other factors would be ideal for your home. 

You may find more options than you expected. But that just means that you’re more likely to find a plan that is tailored to what you’re looking for. When energy companies compete for business, consumers like you win!

Find energy companies that offer perfect-fit plans for you.

With so many options out there, it’s just a matter of finding the best fit for you. Luckily, it’s easy to compare energy solutions and options for your home. You can even see personalized pricing for plans based on your historical usage data. Everything you need to shop and compare electricity rates can be found at Everything Energy. Find a plan today!

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What is a Time Of Use Electricity Plan?

Apr 07 2021


  • Time of Use plans are designed to reduce demand on the electric grid during peak usage.
  • They do this by incenting customers to shift their usage to off-peak times, by offering a lower price for electricity.
  • You can save a lot of money on your electric bill if your usage matches the plan.
Modern home at dusk with all the lights on.

How does a Time of Use electricity plan work?

Traditional electricity plan have a fixed rate that applies to all your electricity use during the billing period. You pay the same rate for your electricity regardless of the time of day or the season you are in. However, time of use electricity plans (TOU) have a variable rate that might be higher during peak hours of day, and lower during times of lower usage. Reliant Energy offers a ‘Free Nights’ and a ‘Free Weekends’ plan, for example, and Green Mountain Energy offers several plans with discounted rates at night, when you are most likely to be charging an electric vehicle.

Time of Use plans are designed to reduced demand on the electricity grid during peak hours. Residential electricity use rises in the morning as people wake up, and wanes as they go to work, rising again in the early evening as people come home and turn on lights, cook dinner, run dishwashers. There are also seasonal shifts – electricity use is much higher on summer afternoons in Texas when all our air conditioners are battling the heat. TOU plans were designed to encourage electricity customers to shift usage to times when there is less demand, with a lower price being their reward for conserving during peak hours. Customers that are able to shift usage can save money on their electricity bill with a TOU plan.

How to save money with a Time of Use Electricity Plan

When reviewing a TOU plan, understand the peak and off-peak hours. Each TOU plan has it’s own distinct usage hours. Peak hours are the most expensive days of the day for billing since everyone uses electricity at that time. Off-peak hours are cheaper because electricity usage is lower. If you can shift usage to the off-peak hours, these plans may save you money on your electric bill. For example, if you are never home on the weekends to take advantage of a plan with lower-priced electricity on Saturday and Sunday, you may not be able to take advantage of the benefits. If you have an electric vehicle, charging during off-peak night hours can save you a lot money. Use this information while shopping for your electricity plan and find the right electricity plan to suit your family’s lifestyle.

Understand the billing plan from your electricity provider; While you may be trying to shift your usage to low-cost hours, you’ll still pay for the electricity you use during peak hours. Be sure to understand what you are being charged during peak hours. It’s important to read the energy facts label when shopping for your plan, which will help you understand what the peak hours cost and keep you from getting surprised.

Navigate lifestyle changes to fit into off-peak hours. Once you understand the off-peak hours and rates of a potential electricity plan, think about how much you can shift your electricity usage into those hours. Can you do all your laundry on the weekend, to take advantage of Free Weekends? Instead of running the dishwasher right after dinner, can you wait until you go to bed, and take advantage of Free Nights? If you have a swimming pool, can you run the pool pump and cleaners during lower-cost hours? The average energy charge displayed on the website includes a certain percentage of usage during each rate period. You can see this number on the plan’s EFL. Look for something like: Average price calculation is based on consumption profile over 12 months of 42% of consumption at
nighttime as defined below. If you can shift your usage, so that you use more that that percentage of your electricity during that period, you’ll pay less than the advertised Average Price per kWh at that usage level.

How do I pick the right electricity plan?

Time of Use plans can definitely save you money if your usage fits the right curve, or if you are able to shift your usage to those lower-price hours. These plans also help keep the electric grid stable by reducing demand that stresses the grid during peak hours. Piqued your interest? Check out the Time of Use plans from our reliable providers.

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