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Beat the Heat with Cooling Clothes

Jun 18 2024

If you live in Texas, it’s essential to dress for summer weather. Otherwise, you’ll end up maxing out your air conditioner, paying Texas electric providers more than necessary, and sweating through your clothes before lunchtime hits. Luckily, knowing more about cooling clothes and dressing in the right fabrics can get you through the sweltering season.

What fabrics make the best cooling clothes?

To beat the heat and stay comfortable, wear summer-friendly fabrics such as:

Cotton and linen

Both of these natural fabrics are breathable, let air flow, and ideal for any climate all year round.

Chambray and bamboo

These specialty fabrics make for effective cooling clothes, too. Chambray is lightweight and breezy, while bamboo is exceptionally good at absorbing moisture. Bonus: bamboo is an all-natural fabric, making it an eco-conscious option.


This synthetic fabric has quick-drying properties and is best in dry heat.


Green Mountain Energy, one of the most planet-friendly Texas electric providers, recommends clothing made from lyocell. According to their website, lyocell is a “plant-based fiber made from semi-synthetic regenerated cellulose fiber and is manufactured from wood pulp.” Not only is it breathable and moisture-wicking, it’s also durable, soft, and sustainable.

How do fabrics cool you down?

You can also choose to wear clothing made from fabrics with special cooling technology built in. According to the experts at How Stuff Works, fabric cooling technology is usually either temperature balance and temperature abatement. Here’s how they work:

Temperature balance

Temperature-balanced fabrics wick sweat away from the body and spread it across the surface of the fabric, so it evaporates faster. These fabrics are usually treated with a polymer (a long chain of organic molecules formed by many smaller molecules called monomers). Heat and humidity from your body activates the polymer, which wicks the sweat away and it evaporates.

Most apparel uses this type of cooling technology.

Temperature abatement

This type of cooling tech makes the textile feel cool to the touch, even though it isn’t. The feeling comes from the fabric’s yarn itself. It’s highly conductive polyethylene (PE), which gives it the ability to quickly transfer heat away from the fabric’s surface.

How else can I dress in summer to stay cool?

In addition to the material you wear, don’t forget about these other factors that can keep you cool throughout summer:

  • Light colors — You probably know that dark colors absorb heat, so opt for white or other light colors that reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat.
  • Loose styles — Tight clothes trap heat, so wearing loose clothing will allow air to circulate and let your body breathe.
  • Cooling accessories — Wearing sunglasses, lightweight scarves, and sun hats can shade and protect you from the sun. And don’t forget the ultimate summer accessory: a big bottle of ice-cold water to keep you hydrated and cool.
  • Cooling bed sheets — Investing in bedding that cools you off can increase your comfort on hot nights and help you rely less on your air conditioner to fall asleep.

Armed with this new knowledge, you can stay cool and comfortable all summer long — and give your air conditioner some much-needed rest!

Find Texas electric providers you can count on during the dog days of summer

Shopping for electricity doesn’t have to be difficult. Use Everything Energy’s free site to search some of the most trusted Texas electricity providers and their plans to find the one that work best for your family. Stay cool, friends!

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8 Ways to Maximize Your AC’s Efficiency

Jun 04 2024

Are you feeling the heat? With average highs in the 90s already for many Texas cities, you don’t want to spend the next several months running an energy-inefficient air conditioner. Here are 8 tips from Houston energy providers to help you maximize your air conditioner’s efficiency and keep your home cool — without breaking the bank.

#1. Keep your air conditioner clean

A clean air conditioner works more efficiently. Dust and debris can clog your AC’s air filters, which makes your unit work harder than needed to keep you cool. Clean or replace filters regularly to make sure you’re getting the most out of your AC.

Also, Direct Energy recommends to clear debris (like leaves and branches) from around your outdoor air conditioning unit, and don’t block inside vents.

#2. Change air filters regularly

A dirty air filter can reduce air flow and make your air conditioner work overtime. Changing air filters regularly will help improve your AC’s efficiency, states Reliant Energy. Tip: Set a recurring event on your calendar so you don’t forget!

#3. Use curtains, shades, or blinds to keep heat out

Sun shining directly into windows can heat up a room quickly and force your AC to work harder. Closing your curtains, shades, or blinds helps keep that heat out and takes some stress off your air conditioner.

If you need that bright light, though, Cirro Energy recommends tilting blinds upward to redirect the light toward the ceiling. Because heat rises, it will at least be directed upward while you enjoy cooler air below.

#4. Seal costly air leaks

While keeping heat outside helps your air conditioner be more efficient, keeping that cool air inside is just as important. Make sure you’re not making your AC work harder than it needs to by sealing leaks around windows and doors, Green Mountain Energy and other Houston energy providers suggest.

#5. Avoid using heat-producing appliances

Ovens, stoves, and clothes dryers generate heat in your home, which can make your AC work extra hard to keep you cool. Try to use these appliances at night, reminds Cirro Energy — or avoid them completely by grilling outdoors and line-drying clothes.

#6. Be strategic with your thermostat settings

For every degree below 78° F you lower your thermostat, you’ll see a 5%-7% increase in your cooling costs, advises Discount Power.

That means letting your air conditioner run at the same, cool temperature all day can result in a high energy bill (and unneeded extra wear). Raise the thermostat a few degrees when you’re away, and let it rest at night.

You can also use a programmable or smart thermostat to set an automatic schedule that aligns with yours.

#7. Schedule an AC checkup

Keep your air conditioner running efficiently by scheduling regular AC checkups with an HVAC technician, suggests Reliant Energy. With cleaned coils, correct refrigerant levels, and repairs completed as needed, your AC unit will be ready for the long summer ahead.

#8. Consider an upgrade

If you have an old and inefficient air conditioner, it may be more cost-effective in the long run to upgrade to a newer, more energy-efficient model.

When shopping for a new air conditioner, Direct Energy recommends you look for a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and make sure you get the correctly sized unit for your home.

Find Texas electric companies — including Houston energy providers — and plans that meet your needs.

By following these simple tips from energy providers in Houston, you can keep your home cool all summer long while maximizing your air conditioner’s efficiency — and potentially save money on your energy bills, too!

Another way to help you save? Find an electricity plan that fits your home, your family, and your lifestyle to a T. Start shopping today with Everything Energy.

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