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Texas Energy Supply Facts & Figures

May 30 2023

According to the most recent census, more than 29 million people call Texas home. There are more than 11.5 million housing units and 618,000 businesses, and over 90% of the population has an Internet subscription. According to a Residential Energy Consumption Survey,  95% of homes use air conditioning equipment. Suffice it to say, keeping it all running takes a large energy supply.

Where does all this energy come from? And how does Texas compare to other states when it comes to electricity? From consumption and energy suppliers to renewable generation and beyond, keep reading for interesting energy facts about the Lone Star State.

Energy supply facts about Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas — and that applies to energy too! Take a look at some of these impressive stats:

  • The Lone Star State produces more electricity than any other state — almost twice as much as the second-highest state, Florida. (EIA)
  • In 2021, Texas accounted for about 12% of America’s total electricity net generation. (EIA)
  • Texas also leads the nation in energy consumption across all sectors. (The industrial sector, which includes the state’s refineries and petrochemical plants, accounts for over half of that usage.) (EIA)
  • Texas is the sixth-highest state for energy consumption per capita. (EIA)
  • The state has more than 52,700 miles of high-voltage transmission lines. (ERCOT)

Texas renewable energy supply facts

Texas is helping to advance the clean energy movement through the state’s great renewable energy potential.

Did you know that nonhydroelectric renewables, like wind and solar power, make up the second-highest source of net electricity generation in the state? (EIA)

Plus, two Texas towns are walking the talk when it comes to renewables.

  • In 2015, Georgetown (just north of Austin) made headlines by deciding to power its town with 100% renewables. (Sierra Club)
  • In 2018, Denton, TX, also made a commitment to run on 100% renewable power by 2020. It was the largest city at the time to make the sustainable power pledge. (Sierra Club)

Here are a few more Texas energy supply facts about wind and solar power:

  • In 2021, Texas made about 26% of all the country’s wind power, leading the country for the 16th year in a row! (EIA)
  • In 2014, wind power surpassed Texas’ nuclear generation for the first time. Then, in 2019, wind power topped coal-fired generation for the first time. (EIA)
  • The state of Texas has over 17,000 MW of solar installed — enough to power more than 1.9 million homes. (SEIA)

Facts about Texas electric suppliers

Thanks to deregulation, most Texas residents have the power to choose their electricity suppliers. This means the many electricity companies in the state compete for your business. You can look for the cheapest electricity supplier or the one that offers the most “bells and whistles.” The choice is yours!

  • The companies that sell home electricity are known as Retail Electricity Providers (REPs). REPs buy wholesale electricity, delivery and related services. Then, they sell that electricity to customers. (PUCT)
  • All REPs are required to send contract expiration notices at least 30 days before your electricity contract expires. If you don’t take action, your REP will move you to a month-to-month plan. (PUCT)
  • You can switch energy suppliers or plans within 14 days of your current contract’s expiration date, without being charged an early cancellation fee. (PUCT)
  • Texas REPs with a proven track record of service include Reliant Energy, Direct Energy, Green Mountain Energy, Cirro Energy and Discount Power.

Making an electricity price comparison

Now you know more about the energy supply in Texas and the many options available to you in this great state. To find an REP and plan that fits your budget and lifestyle, Everything Energy has you covered.

Shop and compare electric rates with our easy, convenient search tools. All you need to do is enter your ZIP code to start!

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Find the Best Energy Rates to Kickstart Summer Break

May 23 2023

With summer break approaching, now is the time to dedicate a few minutes to finding the best energy rates for your summer plans.

Maybe you’ll be out of town for weeks. Or perhaps you plan to relax by the pool every day. Or maybe you’re looking forward to staying up late and sleeping in. No matter your plans, you can find the best electricity provider for your summer break.

What are some of the best energy rates and plans for families staying home this summer?

Do you work from home? Have kids who will be lounging around with friends over summer break? Do your plans include staycations at home by the pool? If so, you can find the best energy rates by assessing how much electricity you typically use in summer.

One way to do this is to look back over last year’s bills during the summer months. This will give you an idea of how many kilowatt hours (kWh) your household might use this season.

At that point, you can search online for the best electricity rates for your usage. Many sites default to show pricing for 2,000 kWh per month. But if you only use 1,000 kWh or 500 kWh monthly, you will want to pay attention to those rates instead.

Everything Energy’s search tools let you customize your search, which includes filtering plans based on your monthly usage. It will then show you estimated pricing for those plans at your usage level.

What are some of the best electricity deals for night owls?

Time of Use plans that offer free or discounted rates during the night are great options if you like to get things done when everyone else sleeps. Loads of laundry and dishes, charging your electric vehicle, streaming your favorite shows, cooking meals for the next day — a Time of Use plan could help you save if you do these regularly at night.

Free or discount pricing hours vary from plan to plan. Some plans offer an 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. time range, while others have a 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. range. Check each plan’s Electricity Facts Label (EFL) to understand pricing and terms. This will help you figure out the best electricity plan for your specific schedule and lifestyle.

What are some cheap electricity plans for travelers?

Spending weeks or even months away from home this summer?

In this case, you don’t necessarily need to consider the season with your next energy plan. You should be able to save some green on summer electricity simply by making a few adjustments around your home while you’re out of town.

Then, simply look for the best energy rates based on your average usage, habits and needs. If you’re a night owl as mentioned above, a Time of Use plan may work best for you. Or, if you like to travel using airline award miles, an energy plan that comes with bonus miles may be appealing to you.

What are some of the best energy rates for eco-conscious consumers?

Did you know that 26% of the nation’s wind-powered electricity generation came from Texas in 2021? You can be a part of the state’s clean energy movement. Simply choose an electricity plan that uses renewable resources like solar or wind power. It’s an easy way to lower your carbon footprint.

To find the best energy rates for renewable energy, shop with Everything Energy. Simply select the filter “Renewable Option” (along with any other filters you’d like to apply) to see eco-friendly electricity options from trusted providers in Texas.

How do I make an electricity price comparison to find the best energy rates for my needs?

Everything Energy has all the tools you need to compare electricity rates and find the best electricity deals for your summer schedule — and beyond! To start shopping and see deals available in your area, simply enter your ZIP code.

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Monthly Energy Prices & Refrigerators

May 16 2023

One way to lower your monthly energy bill? Evaluate the efficiency of your large appliances. When it comes to your refrigerator, there are many ways you can save electricity.

What should I know about refrigerators and energy prices?

Newer refrigerator models are usually much more energy efficient than older units. Energy efficiency can make a big impact on your electricity bill. So, if you have an older model, it could make financial sense to trade up.

Making an energy comparison between models

Modern refrigerators (and many other appliances) now come with an EnergyGuide label. This label helps consumers make apples-to-apples comparisons between models. The label tells you how many kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity a model uses in a year. The smaller the number, the less electricity the unit uses. And when your fridge uses less energy, it can help lower your monthly energy usage.

Very efficient units get a special rating. These models have the ENERGY STAR® logo on the EnergyGuide label. For refrigerators, it means the model uses at least 15% less energy than the federal standard for efficiency.

The average electricity cost to run a refrigerator for a year

Refrigerator models, energy prices and user behavior can vary greatly. For this reason, it’s difficult to state the average cost to run a unit annually.

However, the ENERGY STAR® website has a useful Flip Your Fridge calculator. By adding some information about your current refrigerator and electricity prices, you can find out how much your unit costs to run. You can also see how much you could save by replacing your unit with an ENERGY STAR®-rated model.

What refrigerator features will help lower my energy prices?

Some features can help make a refrigerator more energy efficient and less expensive to operate. These include:

  • Refrigerators with the freezer on the top — they tend to use less energy than bottom or side-by-side models
  • A refrigerator sized to meet your needs — most manufacturers suggest 19 to 22 cubic feet for a family of four
  • Door-in-door storage — for easy access to often-used items so you open the main fridge door less frequently
  • ENERGY STAR® units — an old refrigerator can use about 35% more electricity than one that is ENERGY STAR®-rated

How else can I reduce the electricity cost of using a refrigerator?

The size, type and age of your refrigerator can impact your refrigeration costs. But you can also do a few things to make it more efficient and help lower your monthly energy usage.

Here are 5 easy ways to help your fridge run more efficiently:

  1. Keep the refrigerator (and freezer) stocked. A bare or semi-empty unit uses more electricity to maintain a cool temperature.
  2. Maintain a tight door seal. If the rubber gasket around the door becomes loose or worn, it can let warm air in and cool air out. A seal with wear or tear should be replaced.
  3. Clean the condenser coils. The coils under or on the back of the fridge remove heat from the unit. Clogged or dusty coils will slow it down and require more electricity to do their job.
  4. Let leftovers cool down. When you add heat into the fridge, it takes more energy to cool the unit and its contents down.
  5. Keep the doors closed. It’s safe to say many of us have stood in front of an open refrigerator deciding what to eat. Try to only open the door to retrieve or return items.

Where can I compare electricity rates?

Everything Energy has everything you need to research, shop and compare energy prices and providers. Check out what people are saying about some of the top electricity companies in Texas. Then, start your energy price comparison. Simply entering your ZIP code HERE.

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Mother’s Day: Best Energy Company Eco-Tips

May 09 2023

With Mother’s Day approaching, you may be looking for the perfect way to honor the moms in your life. How about also making the day Mother Earth-friendly? In this article, we’ll explore some of the best energy company eco-tips from some of the top energy companies in Texas for an eco-friendly Mother’s Day.

What are some of the best energy company tips for a green Mother’s Day?

Buy and install a smart thermostat

If you don’t already have one, a smart thermostat is a gift that mom will enjoy. Reliant Energy loves that it learns your schedule and adjusts itself to conserve energy. Plus, it can be controlled from anywhere using a mobile app. That means mom can cool off the house before she even walks in the door. (Make sure to take care of the installation and setup so she doesn’t have more added to her to-do list!)

Do laundry the green way

Don’t just offer mom some help with the laundry — do it the energy-efficient way. That means wash clothes in cold water, according to one of the best energy company tips from Cirro Energy. Then, hang them in the sunshine instead of using the dryer. (And don’t forget to fold them and put them away for her when they’re dry!)

Play pool boy (or girl)

Clean her pool’s water filter. Clogged filters make pool pumps work harder, using more electricity says Reliant Energy. With the average monthly electricity cost to run a pool between $10 to $300 (depending on your pump type), it pays to keep the entire system well-maintained. Plus, it’s one less thing on her to-do list. Now, she can have a relaxing afternoon in the water.

Keep the cool air coming

Speaking of filters, Discount Power recommends cleaning or changing your air conditioner’s filter — another task your loved one will appreciate not having to do. A clean filter will help your unit run more efficiently. And that can help you save money, even if you have the cheapest electricity supplier on the planet! (You can then spend that savings on mom, of course.)

Take a hike — or a bike

Unplug and take mom on a nice hike or bike ride. Not only will you save fuel, as Direct Energy says, but you will also save electricity by not using the A/C or electronic devices.

Have a “no cook” picnic

Here’s one of the best energy company tips that children can participate in, too. Reliant Energy suggests making a nice picnic lunch without using any heating device. (Bonus eco-points for bringing reusable bottles, plates, napkins and silverware!)

Cook and stock

If you do want to cook mom a nice meal, why not double or triple the recipe so there’s dinner for several nights? As Green Mountain Energy reminds us, stocking the fridge and freezer helps them run more efficiently than when they’re partially empty.

Honor mom with a tree

Green Mountain Energy proposes planting a tree in your yard, which you can dedicate to the mom in your life. Since a mature tree can absorb more than 48 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere each year and releases oxygen in exchange, it will be the gift that keeps on giving. Plus, many years from now, it may provide shade to keep your house cool sans electricity in the summer.

Looking for even more of the best energy company tips for your home? Read on >

Where can I find the best energy company and best electricity rates?

If you want to really rock mom’s world, you can help find her the best energy company and rates for her home and lifestyle.

Start by entering her ZIP code here. Then you can start narrowing down the options based on average monthly usage, the hours when she uses energy the most and other factors.

At Everything Energy, you can make apples-to-apples comparisons to find the best electric company for her. You can also see estimated monthly bill amounts based on her unique usage habits. Get started today and you’ll be able to give mom the gift of energy!

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5 Energy Providers in Texas Worth Knowing

May 02 2023

Most residents in the Lone Star State have the power to choose Texas electricity from a variety of companies. Here are some trusted energy providers in Texas to consider.

Check out these 5 Energy Providers in Texas

Each of these electricity companies give customers a unique mix of offers and service. The one thing they have in common? They’ve been proudly serving Texas residents for many years. Take a look, and decide which suit your lifestyle the best!

Reliant Energy

Reliant Energy is one of the energy providers in Texas that many people recognize. Founded in 2000, Reliant provides plans with electricity derived from traditional and clean energy sources.

Reliant boasts competitive electricity rates in Texas and other services to help customers better manage their energy usage and costs. One example is the company’s Degrees of Difference program. It rewards program registrants with a bill credit when they allow their smart thermostat to automatically adjust its temperature to conserve energy during a Degrees of Difference event.

Reliant as a company also gives back to its communities. In 2022, the company donated over $4 million to more than 200 local causes. Employees also contributed more than 4,000 volunteer hours.

Overall, Reliant Energy is an energy company you can trust to power your home and your life, year after year.

Green Mountain Energy

Green Mountain Energy provides clean energy to homes and businesses in a number of states. The company began in 1997 in Vermont and now has its headquarters in Houston, Texas. It was the first energy company dedicated to clean energy in Texas.

The unique thing about Green Mountain Energy is that all of its electricity plans are made from 100% renewable energy sources. This means they specialize in wind power and solar power plans. And you can even use solar to power your home without putting a solar array on your roof. (However, they do partner with solar panel installers and help homeowners maximize the value of their rooftop solar system.)

To date, Green Mountain Energy customers have avoided more than 109 billion pounds of CO2, a harmful greenhouse gas. To give you an idea of the impact, that’s like planting over 12 million trees!

If you want a hassle-free way to help the environment and use clean energy, Green Mountain Energy is a great choice.

Direct Energy

Direct Energy is one of North America’s largest retail electricity, natural gas and energy-related service providers. Its customer base spans several U.S. states as well as parts of Canada. For over 20 years, the company has gone beyond just electricity with a wide range of plans, resources and home services available.

Direct Energy’s whole-home solutions offer optional services like HVAC repair and installation, plumbing repair and maintenance plans and smart home security systems. It even offers solutions to safeguard your kitchen and laundry room appliances. In this way, the company can be a one-stop shop for keeping your home up and running.

As one of many generous energy providers in Texas, Direct Energy regularly supports it communities. One example is its Neighbor-to-Neighbor Bill Assistance Program, which helps Texans in need pay their energy bills.

The robust Direct Energy Learning Center is another great offering from the energy company. It provides a wealth of information that anyone can access and learn from.

If you’re looking for more control over both your energy usage and your home, Direct Energy makes a great choice.

Cirro Energy

Cirro Energy is another of the energy providers in Texas you should become familiar with. It strives to make electricity easy for consumers, from sign up and bill payment through renewal and customer service.

One thing Cirro Energy does differently than many other electric companies in Texas is to provide a simplified bill. It shows you just the basics. That means you can easily identify and understand your monthly usage, energy charge and delivery charge. It’s just another way Cirro Energy makes things easier.

And even though it has a simplified approach, Cirro Energy still offers many of the modern conveniences other power companies offer. The Cirro Energy app is an easy way for customers to stay on top of their monthly bills, usage and payment options. Plus, it offers home protection services to make other aspects of your life easy, too.

For electricity made easy, Cirro Energy has you covered.

Discount Power

Another Texas power company worth exploring is Discount Power. It offers affordable and flexible energy plans that allow individuals and families to choose the best option for their budget. Its user-friendly website is no-frills and easy to navigate.

And although Discount Power doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that some other electricity providers have, it still has plenty of perks. For example, you can analyze your usage, manage your account services and pay your bill directly in the Discount Power app. Plus, you can chat with an agent online on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Or, you can call daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Also, its competitively priced plans make it very attractive for those who need to stick to a strict budget.

At the end of the day, Discount Power strives to make sure their plans and service are built around the needs of those they serve.

The great thing about electricity companies in Texas is that, because the market is deregulated, they have to compete to earn your business. And when energy providers in Texas compete, residents win.

The five energy providers listed above are a great place to start your search for home electricity. Each offers a variety of plans, services and valuable benefits. It’s just a matter of choosing which plan fits you and your lifestyle the best!

Search and compare energy providers in Texas

Compare plans from all five of the energy providers in Texas listed above at EverythingEnergy.com. Just enter your ZIP code to start shopping for plans, and use the filters provided to narrow down your search with just a few clicks. Get started today!

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