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Finding you the best energy plans

Monthly Energy Prices & Refrigerators

May 16 2023

One way to lower your monthly energy bill? Evaluate the efficiency of your large appliances. When it comes to your refrigerator, there are many ways you can save electricity.

What should I know about refrigerators and energy prices?

Newer refrigerator models are usually much more energy efficient than older units. Energy efficiency can make a big impact on your electricity bill. So, if you have an older model, it could make financial sense to trade up.

Making an energy comparison between models

Modern refrigerators (and many other appliances) now come with an EnergyGuide label. This label helps consumers make apples-to-apples comparisons between models. The label tells you how many kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity a model uses in a year. The smaller the number, the less electricity the unit uses. And when your fridge uses less energy, it can help lower your monthly energy usage.

Very efficient units get a special rating. These models have the ENERGY STAR® logo on the EnergyGuide label. For refrigerators, it means the model uses at least 15% less energy than the federal standard for efficiency.

The average electricity cost to run a refrigerator for a year

Refrigerator models, energy prices and user behavior can vary greatly. For this reason, it’s difficult to state the average cost to run a unit annually.

However, the ENERGY STAR® website has a useful Flip Your Fridge calculator. By adding some information about your current refrigerator and electricity prices, you can find out how much your unit costs to run. You can also see how much you could save by replacing your unit with an ENERGY STAR®-rated model.

What refrigerator features will help lower my energy prices?

Some features can help make a refrigerator more energy efficient and less expensive to operate. These include:

  • Refrigerators with the freezer on the top — they tend to use less energy than bottom or side-by-side models
  • A refrigerator sized to meet your needs — most manufacturers suggest 19 to 22 cubic feet for a family of four
  • Door-in-door storage — for easy access to often-used items so you open the main fridge door less frequently
  • ENERGY STAR® units — an old refrigerator can use about 35% more electricity than one that is ENERGY STAR®-rated

How else can I reduce the electricity cost of using a refrigerator?

The size, type and age of your refrigerator can impact your refrigeration costs. But you can also do a few things to make it more efficient and help lower your monthly energy usage.

Here are 5 easy ways to help your fridge run more efficiently:

  1. Keep the refrigerator (and freezer) stocked. A bare or semi-empty unit uses more electricity to maintain a cool temperature.
  2. Maintain a tight door seal. If the rubber gasket around the door becomes loose or worn, it can let warm air in and cool air out. A seal with wear or tear should be replaced.
  3. Clean the condenser coils. The coils under or on the back of the fridge remove heat from the unit. Clogged or dusty coils will slow it down and require more electricity to do their job.
  4. Let leftovers cool down. When you add heat into the fridge, it takes more energy to cool the unit and its contents down.
  5. Keep the doors closed. It’s safe to say many of us have stood in front of an open refrigerator deciding what to eat. Try to only open the door to retrieve or return items.

Where can I compare electricity rates?

Everything Energy has everything you need to research, shop and compare energy prices and providers. Check out what people are saying about some of the top electricity companies in Texas. Then, start your energy price comparison. Simply entering your ZIP code HERE.

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Mother’s Day: Best Energy Company Eco-Tips

May 09 2023

With Mother’s Day approaching, you may be looking for the perfect way to honor the moms in your life. How about also making the day Mother Earth-friendly? In this article, we’ll explore some of the best energy company eco-tips from some of the top energy companies in Texas for an eco-friendly Mother’s Day.

What are some of the best energy company tips for a green Mother’s Day?

Buy and install a smart thermostat

If you don’t already have one, a smart thermostat is a gift that mom will enjoy. Reliant Energy loves that it learns your schedule and adjusts itself to conserve energy. Plus, it can be controlled from anywhere using a mobile app. That means mom can cool off the house before she even walks in the door. (Make sure to take care of the installation and setup so she doesn’t have more added to her to-do list!)

Do laundry the green way

Don’t just offer mom some help with the laundry — do it the energy-efficient way. That means wash clothes in cold water, according to one of the best energy company tips from Cirro Energy. Then, hang them in the sunshine instead of using the dryer. (And don’t forget to fold them and put them away for her when they’re dry!)

Play pool boy (or girl)

Clean her pool’s water filter. Clogged filters make pool pumps work harder, using more electricity says Reliant Energy. With the average monthly electricity cost to run a pool between $10 to $300 (depending on your pump type), it pays to keep the entire system well-maintained. Plus, it’s one less thing on her to-do list. Now, she can have a relaxing afternoon in the water.

Keep the cool air coming

Speaking of filters, Discount Power recommends cleaning or changing your air conditioner’s filter — another task your loved one will appreciate not having to do. A clean filter will help your unit run more efficiently. And that can help you save money, even if you have the cheapest electricity supplier on the planet! (You can then spend that savings on mom, of course.)

Take a hike — or a bike

Unplug and take mom on a nice hike or bike ride. Not only will you save fuel, as Direct Energy says, but you will also save electricity by not using the A/C or electronic devices.

Have a “no cook” picnic

Here’s one of the best energy company tips that children can participate in, too. Reliant Energy suggests making a nice picnic lunch without using any heating device. (Bonus eco-points for bringing reusable bottles, plates, napkins and silverware!)

Cook and stock

If you do want to cook mom a nice meal, why not double or triple the recipe so there’s dinner for several nights? As Green Mountain Energy reminds us, stocking the fridge and freezer helps them run more efficiently than when they’re partially empty.

Honor mom with a tree

Green Mountain Energy proposes planting a tree in your yard, which you can dedicate to the mom in your life. Since a mature tree can absorb more than 48 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere each year and releases oxygen in exchange, it will be the gift that keeps on giving. Plus, many years from now, it may provide shade to keep your house cool sans electricity in the summer.

Looking for even more of the best energy company tips for your home? Read on >

Where can I find the best energy company and best electricity rates?

If you want to really rock mom’s world, you can help find her the best energy company and rates for her home and lifestyle.

Start by entering her ZIP code here. Then you can start narrowing down the options based on average monthly usage, the hours when she uses energy the most and other factors.

At Everything Energy, you can make apples-to-apples comparisons to find the best electric company for her. You can also see estimated monthly bill amounts based on her unique usage habits. Get started today and you’ll be able to give mom the gift of energy!

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The Best Energy Provider For Apartment Life

Mar 07 2023

Are you one of the nearly 4 million Texans who reside in an apartment? Apartment living has some unique features to think about when shopping for the best energy provider and plan for your life. Don’t forget about these crucial factors during your search.

What’s the best energy provider for my electricity usage?

Some apartments measure a few hundred square feet. Others offer more space than a typical two-story house. That means the size of your apartment can affect your monthly electricity usage. 

Many electricity companies list each of their plan’s price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) online. However, to make an apples-to-apples comparison, you need to understand what that average price is based on. Most commonly, it could be based on electricity usage using 500 kWh per month, 1000 kWh per month or 2000 kWh per month.

Often the prices listed online reflect a monthly usage of 2000 kWh. Living in an apartment, you may not ever use that much in a month. (Check your usage history with your current electric company to see your average monthly electricity usage.)

The price per kWh often rises when you only use 1000 kWh or 500 kWh per month. That means finding the cheapest energy supplier for your apartment is not as easy as just choosing the lowest price listed online. 

Remember, make sure you’re comparing apples-to-apples and that the rates are based on monthly usage most similar to yours. For example, if you use around 1000 kWh per month in your apartment, compare rates at that monthly usage.

What’s the cheapest electricity company for my specific needs?

Once you know how to make accurate comparisons, you can start shopping for electricity. However, the best electricity deals for your specific apartment and life might not be the ones with the lowest price per kWh. 

In addition to your monthly usage, you should also consider your usage habits. For example, are you a night owl who does laundry, dishes and other electricity-consuming activities from dusk to dawn? Or maybe you’re away from your apartment most of the workweek, but a homebody during the weekends. In these cases, the best energy provider for you may be one that offers a Time of Use plan.

What is a Time of Use plan?

A Time of Use plan offers a lower price per kWh during certain timeframes like nights or weekends. With some plans, those hours are even free! So, don’t veto an energy plan that has a higher rate listed. It may actually net you the lowest cost if your usage habits align with the discount timeframes.

To fully understand a Time of Use plan’s pricing and see if it will benefit you, refer to the Electricity Facts Label. 

Where can I find the best energy provider for my apartment life?

Shopping and comparing electricity plans from some of the best energy providers in Texas has never been easier. Simply enter your ZIP code at Everything Energy. From there, you can make apples-to-apples comparisons of energy plans and pricing based on your estimated monthly usage. You can even see monthly bill estimates to make the choice even simpler. Check it out today!

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Cheap Power Tips for Your Washer & Dryer

Feb 21 2023

Clothing washers and dryers, collectively, use about 5 percent of the electricity in the home. And a water heater consumes about 14 percent. That’s why cutting energy consumption when doing laundry can result in noticeable savings on your electricity bill. Try some (or all) of these cheap power tips for your washer and dryer to see how much you can conserve.

What are some cheap power tips for my washing machine?

Next time you throw a load of laundry in your washer, try the following:

Wash with cold water

Using cold water to wash your clothes (unless they’re terribly dirty) is one of the easiest ways to cut electricity usage when doing laundry. That’s because the hot water cycle of most washers uses considerably more energy than the cold water cycle.

Take away the need for water heating, and you’ve just made your load more energy efficient. Plus, washing in cold water has additional benefits: It can help prolong the life of your clothing and reduces wrinkles and pilling.

Wash a full load, using the correct setting

According to ENERGY STAR, clothes washers use about the same amount of energy no matter the size of the load. That means it’s more energy efficient to run a full load than two half-full loads. 

Also, choose the correct setting on your machine for optimum efficiency. For example, you don’t need to use the “Sanitize” or “Heavy Duty” settings for a regular load of clothes. And you don’t need to use the “Normal” setting when a shortened “Delicates” cycle would suffice. 

These small changes can contribute to a more affordable power bill.

Wash clothes less frequently

We’ve been conditioned to toss a worn clothing item into the laundry basket, no questions asked. Next time, before you toss, use this cheap power trick: Use your eyes and nose to determine if something really needs to be washed. Maybe an overnight airing out would be sufficient. 

If a family of four did this consistently, think of how much less laundry would need to be done over the course of a month.

What are some cheap power tips for my clothes dryer?

There are many ways to reduce the energy used for drying clothes. Here are a few:

Hang items to dry

Not using the dryer at all is the best way to conserve a dryer’s energy usage! And Texas’s warm climate makes line-drying clothes a real possibility for much of the year. 

Try hanging a clothesline or two outside and pinning up a load of wet clothes. In addition to being a cheap power tip, hanging clothes to dry outdoors reduces wear and tear in the dryer and leaves them with a fresh, clean smell.

Shake out wet clothes first

If line-drying isn’t possible (or it’s just not your thing) you can try other cheap power tricks like this one. As you remove clothes from the washer, shake them out before you put them into the dryer. This will save your dryer the time and energy needed to expand the clothes from the condensed form they arrive in after the washer’s final spin cycle.

Run loads back-to-back

Using the dryer for two or more consecutive loads can be more efficient than doing the loads at different times. This is because, after the first load is finished, the dryer is already hot. The time and energy needed to heat it up for the next load is thus eliminated.

Dry like items together

If you can, separate loads based on fabric weights. You don’t want one heavy towel extending the drying time of a load of otherwise lightweight clothes. So, dry items like towels and heavier cottons separately from lighter-weight items.

Use wool dryer balls (or tennis balls)

Instead of a fabric softener sheet, use a few dryer balls. This helps air circulate in the load, speeding up drying time. (Clean) tennis balls also do the trick. In addition to upping your cheap power game, dryer balls help fluff up items like pillows and comforters and can also reduce wrinkles and static.

Empty the lint filter after every load

Pulling out the lint trap from your dryer and cleaning it after every load can help it run more efficiently. A full lint filter makes it difficult for warm air to pass through it to the outside vent, increasing drying time. 

Clean the dryer vent

On top of cleaning the lint filter, you should also have the dryer vent cleaned once or more per year. A clogged vent can slow drying time, in addition to being a fire hazard.

You can either hire an appliance repair specialist to perform this task or do it yourself if you know how.

More tips to complement low-rate electricity at home

In addition to these cheap power tips and tricks, you can also become more energy efficient around your home. Here are a few easy tips to start optimizing other areas of your home:

  • Use smart plugs to control electronics
  • Minimize phantom load by unplugging unused devices
  • Compare power consumption of your appliances and electronics with a watt meter

      Do I need to find the cheapest electricity plan or cheapest energy company to secure affordable power?

      It’s true that the cost per kilowatt hour (kwh) of your electricity impacts your monthly electricity bill. However, the solution is not necessarily to sign up with the cheapest energy company. That’s because cheap power is not always the best choice for your home, lifestyle or needs. 

      Many other factors should also be considered when looking for a new plan, including:

      • What benefits, perks or credits offered by the provider that may be valuable to you
      • The reputation of the energy company
      • How long the energy company has been in business
      • Other “extras” offered, including innovative tools to help you conserve energy usage at home
      • Time of use discounts (like “free nights” or “free weekends”) that may help lower your bill, depending on your usage habits
      • The term length offered, and whether it works with your current situation

        Where do I find an electricity plan that will help me achieve a cheap power bill?

        A successful energy plan search begins and ends with Everything Energy. With innovative shopping tools that give you the power to sort, compare and enroll, you’re sure to find affordable energy companies and plans that fit your lifestyle. Visit www.everythingenergy.com to search for free.

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        No-Energy-Cost Valentine’s Date Ideas

        Feb 14 2023

        Forget dinner-and-a-movie. This Valentine’s Day (or any day, really), try some of these date ideas that have zero energy cost — and a whole lot of heart. 

        Not only will you and your date have fun mixing things up and trying something new. You’ll also enjoy a simple, affordable way to spend time together — which we think is pretty romantic.

        Have a zero-energy-cost indoor picnic

        Leave the oven, stove and slow cooker (and corresponding electricity cost) for another day. A simple picnic meal of sandwiches, fruit, veggies and other non-heated snacks can easily be prepared together on the fly. 

        Bonus: A picnic can also end up being a healthier option than a restaurant meal made with excessive salt and oil.

        Dine by candlelight and forget energy rates

        There’s nothing simpler, more romantic or energy-cost-free than dining by candlelight. It’s calming, lets you focus on each other, and is a reminder to slow down and enjoy the moment. Not to mention the energy savings. Light a few candles, turn off the other lights (and screens) and let the conversation flow.

        You might enjoy dinner by candlelight so much that you decide to make it a nightly habit. And that could have a positive effect on your average electric bill.

        Converse by a fire, not under overhead lighting

        After dining by candlelight, keep the date going in front of a warm, crackling fire. You can leave all the other lamps and lights off, which helps keep your electricity prices in check. 

        Spending time near a fire actually has health benefits, too. A study by the Department of Anthropology at the University of Alabama found that sitting around a fire can lower blood pressure. And nothing says love like putting your date’s health and wellbeing first!

        Snuggle up and turn the thermostat (and energy cost) down

        Instead of using modern methods to keep warm, try a more primitive approach. If the mood is right, turn the thermostat down and snuggle up together under a blanket. The physical closeness may bring about natural banter. It will also help you keep your energy prices down — but your date doesn’t have to know that!

        Spend screen-free, no-energy-cost time together

        Can you spend an evening without phones, tablets or tv screens? We think you can. And we think you may even like it!

        Finding other ways to spend time together and enjoy the moment might end up feeling more meaningful than taking selfies and binging on Netflix. 

        10 screen-free date activities

        1. Do a puzzle
        2. Dance
        3. Play cards or board games
        4. Take a walk
        5. Visit a museum
        6. Stargaze
        7. Play billiards, foosball or table tennis
        8. Visit a bookstore or library
        9. Paint or draw
        10. Talk about anything and everything

            You’ll quickly see that it’s not about the activity, but the time spent together.

            Finish that honey-do list together

            Shout-out to all the long-term, co-habiting couples who want to keep the night more practical. Maybe you’d prefer to use date night to knock out some of those home improvement tasks together. Hey, it’s still bonding and quality time spent. 

            If you want to focus on minimizing your monthly energy cost, make energy efficiency fixes. These could include:

            • Changing air filters
            • Sealing air gaps around windows and doors
            • Replacing burnt-out light bulbs with efficient LEDs
            • Installing a smart thermostat
            • Cleaning lint from the dryer vent

            True, it’s not the most traditional or romantic date night. But if both parties are up for it, it makes for a lovely and productive evening.

            Find a plan with an energy cost that fits your budget

            Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to bust out some creative, no-energy-cost date ideas. But for the other 364 days of the year, make sure your energy is working for you. Find electricity rates that help you keep your average electric bill down and your budget intact. Start your free search today

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            How Your Power Company Helps with Your Bill

            Feb 07 2023

            These are financially difficult times for many Americans. If you’re struggling with how to budget for or pay your electricity bill, you’re not alone. Turn to your power company for tools and options that will help you make your payment on time. And that’s essential for keeping the lights on and avoiding late fees.

            Here are just a few ways your power company may be able to help you with your bill.

            Average billing from your power company

            You may have also heard this called budget billing, average monthly billing or balanced billing. In any case, average billing helps even out seasonal billing spikes you may see during summer and winter. It spreads the cost evenly across the entire year. This, in turn, makes it easier to create — and stick to — a budget.

            This is one of the power solutions offered by electric companies that is very easy to use. For many, it’s as simple as logging into your online account. Then, select the option for average billing. 

            Reliant Energy is one of the Texas electricity providers that offers this option.

            AutoPay from electric companies

            If you keep getting hit with late fees, you may need more than just a reminder. Your power company likely offers an automatic payment option. This allows your provider to charge the card or bank account on file when it’s time to pay. You don’t have to lift a finger.

            Again, this is typically an easy option to enroll in. Just sign into your account online. Or you could always give your current electricity provider a call to set it up.

            Some electric companies, like Green Mountain Energy, even have a mobile app where you can select this option.

            Deferred payment plan from your power company

            If you need some extra time to make a payment, or you’re facing a financial hardship, your power company will often have a solution. Speaking to a customer service agent directly about your situation is the best way to arrange a payment plan that fits your budget.

            Cirro Energy, for example, offers a number of payment extension programs.

            Energy-saving tips from your power company

            Your power company wants to help you become energy efficient. It’s a win-win-win situation for them, for you and for the environment.

            One way they help you use less (and possibly lower your monthly electric bill) is by offering energy-saving tips. 

            Most electric companies, including Discount Power, have many efficiency tips on their websites.

            Low-income assistance from electric companies

            According to the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT), Senate Bill 1976 allows electric companies to provide a benefit to their low-income customers. (Certain rules apply.) 

            Customers can contact their power company directly to ask if they have any low-income benefits. For further information, you can also call 1-866-454-8387.

            Where to find the power company that best fits your lifestyle

            If you’re looking for home electricity, Everything Energy can help. Whether you want to renew power with your current provider, find wind or solar energy companies and plans or just want the best energy supplier for your needs, our innovative search tools can get you where you want to be. Start your search today.

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            How Power Suppliers Can Help You Cut Energy Costs

            Jan 10 2023

            It sounds strange to turn to power suppliers for help in using less energy and to cut personal electricity costs. But helping people use less electricity is a form of proactive service. And it’s a common practice among electricity providers.

            Here’s a quick look at why this is and how power suppliers can help you use and spend less.

            Why do power suppliers want to help me cut energy costs?

            There are a few reasons why power suppliers would like you to use less energy. 

            One reason is based on the current electricity grid. At any given time, there is a set amount of electricity available. During “peak demand,” a lot of people want to use energy at the same time. Think: a very hot Texas summer day. The available electricity can get maxed out with everyone cranking up the AC. 

            At this point, more energy is needed to prevent brownouts or blackouts. One way to make more is to update old generators or build new ones. But it’s actually more cost-effective for electricity providers to encourage homes and businesses to use less energy. 

            Another reason power suppliers want to help you save energy is based on customer satisfaction. Customers usually don’t need to contact their electric company. But when they do, it may be to express unhappiness about a high bill. By helping customers keep their bills lower, power suppliers proactively address those concerns. This can give people fewer reasons to switch electricity suppliers.

            Lastly, electricity providers know that we’re all working with limited resources from the earth. When customers reduce energy waste, everybody wins. 

            These win-win situations show why it’s in all of our best interest to use less energy. So how do power suppliers help us do this?

            What ways do power suppliers help customers conserve energy?

            There are many ways that power suppliers empower people to save energy. Here are just a few:

            Energy-saving tips

            Most electricity providers offer energy-saving tips and tricks on their websites. A few examples include Green Mountain Energy and Direct Energy’s helpful Learning Center.

            Incentives for conserving energy

            Some power suppliers offer incentives for using less. Reliant Energy’s Degrees of Difference program, for example, rewards customers for using less when demand is high.

            Eco-friendly devices

            It’s becoming more common to see power suppliers offering energy-saving products (like smart thermostats) bundled with their electricity plans. 

            Power supplier apps & other technology

            Power suppliers often offer a useful app or other tech, like online account management. These can help you to monitor your energy usage.

            App features can include things like viewing past usage, tracking your green impact, controlling your smart thermostat on the go and more.

            How can I attempt to  reduce my electricity costs today?

            1. Check your home for energy wasters.

            Phantom load, also called “vampire power,” occurs when a plugged-in item is not in use but consumes power in standby mode. Phantom load can amount to 5-10% of your electricity bill. However, fixing this issue can help you save on your monthly bill.

            2. Make easy lifestyle changes to use less energy.

            Some energy-saving actions, like making home updates, can seem daunting. But don’t get discouraged! Instead, start with the easy stuff. Turn off lights, entertainment and computers when you leave the room. Set your thermostat a degree or two lower in winter. Turn your water heater down to 120 degrees. These all take mere seconds to do but can make a difference.

            3. Make sure you’re with one of the best power suppliers for your lifestyle.

            The “cheapest” electricity supplier or a retail electricity provider with what appears to be lowest rate per kilowatt hour listed online, is not always the best electricity supplier for your home. And they may not necessarily net you the lowest energy bill. You have to dig a little deeper. For example, look at factors such as your typical monthly usage, your highest usage hours and plan incentives and perks that may lower your total monthly electricity costs.

            Find the top power suppliers, plans and pricing for your life

            Now that you’ve seen how power suppliers can help you cut energy costs, it’s time to find the right one for you. To weigh your options and make apples-to-apples comparisons between electricity plans, visit Everything Energy. Our innovative search tools make it easy to find the best electricity provider based on your specific needs and preferences.

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            Get Low Electricity Rates by Getting Organized

            Jan 03 2023

            January is Get Organized Month! After a full and often hectic December, now is the time to bring order to your life. From being on time to cooking healthier meals to starting a hobby, organization helps you succeed. And finding low electricity rates is no different.

            Read on to find out how to get organized when it comes to getting low-cost electricity without the stress.

            The 5 W’s of finding low electricity rates

            Don’t just set out looking for low electricity rates without a plan. Get organized by answering the 5 W’s first: Who? What? When? Where? Why?

            WHO do I want to give my business to?

            Not all low-cost energy plans are created the same. There are many Texas electricity providers out there. Make sure you choose a provider that you can trust

            You may already have a few names in mind based on past experience or word of mouth. That’s a great start! It’s also wise to be open to other energy companies — as long as you do your research first.

            Also, you might want to consider more factors than just looking at companies with low electricity rates. For example, if sustainability is important to you, you can look for a provider that offers affordable clean energy plans. Or, if the bulk of your electricity use comes at night or on the weekend, a company that offers Time-of-Use plans could be a great match for you.

            Action items to keep you organized: 

            1. Do some initial research to narrow down the companies you trust the most and that have plans that best fit your needs. 

            WHAT do I need to have on-hand if I want to switch electricity providers?

            When you’re ready to enroll in a plan, you’ll want to have certain info handy to finish the process. You may be asked for some or all of the following:

            • Service address
            • Email address
            • Phone number
            • Date of birth
            • Social Security Number OR driver’s license number (This is required to verify your identity. The low-cost electric company you enroll with will usually run a credit check to determine if a deposit is needed from you.)
            • Credit card number (if you want to set up automatic payments)
            • Preferred start date for your electricity
            • The name of your current electricity provider
            • Your ESI ID (Electric Service Identifier; pronounced “Easy ID”) (A 17- or 22-digit unique identifier assigned to each deregulated electricity meter connected to a home or business in Texas. You should be able to find this on one of your home energy bills.)

            Action items to keep you organized: 

            1. Gather all of this info ahead of time, in one place. It will make for an easier and faster enrollment process when the time comes.

              WHEN should I start looking for low electricity rates and providers?

              If you’re moving to a new area, you’ll clearly need to start looking for low energy rates and providers immediately. 

              But if you just want to shop around and switch plans at your current residence, you’ll need to keep some rules in mind. According to the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT): 

              “Retail electric providers are required to notify residential customers at least 30 days before a contract expires. The residential customer can switch without incurring an early termination charge if the switch is no earlier than 14 days before the contract expiration date provided in the notice. If the customer takes no action in response to the notice, the retail electric provider will serve the customer on a month-to-month product.”

              So, if you are currently in an electricity contract and do not want to incur an early cancellation fee, it is best to switch plans 14 days or less before your contract expires. In the meantime, though, you can still be keeping an eye on the plans that are being offered.

              Action items to keep you organized: 

              1. Check your current plan’s Electricity Facts Label (EFL) to determine what, if any, your early cancellation fee is.
              2. Check your current electric bill or account to see when your contract expires. Mark that date on your calendar.
              3. Add other helpful items to your calendar, such as “Start shopping for electricity” 30 days before your contract expires, and “Switch energy plans” 7 to 14 days before your contract expires. 

                WHERE do I start shopping for low electricity rates and plans?

                You could visit each provider’s individual website to search for plans. But another more convenient option is to search an energy broker like Everything Energy. Doing so is free, and lets you make apples-to-apples comparisons of pricing and plans using your specific usage data and preferences. 

                Everything Energy also provides monthly bill estimates using the information you input. This gives you an even clearer idea of which low electricity rates are actually the best options for your individual lifestyle, home and habits.

                Action items to keep you organized: 

                1. As your contract expiration date draws nearer, visit EverythingEnergy.com. The search tools are super easy to use and should help you narrow down your choices quickly! 

                  WHY should I take the time to shop for low-cost electricity?

                  You might be wondering why you wouldn’t just let your current electricity plan auto-renew or choose a new plan from your current provider when your contract expiration date approaches. It’s definitely an easy option. But often, the best results (i.e., low electricity rates) don’t come from choosing the easiest route.

                  As referenced earlier from the PUCT, If the customer takes no action in response to the [contract expiration] notice, the retail electric provider will serve the customer on a month-to-month product.”

                  If you’re not familiar with month-to-month electricity products, check out the information on term lengths here. In a nutshell, a month-to-month plan will come with a variable rate that could spike as the market rate increases. These month-to-month plans offer customers flexibility — but at a price.

                  So, you could let your plan auto-renew. But that could end up costing you much more than you’re used to. 

                  If you choose a plan from your current provider, you may also be paying more than you were on your previous plan. It never hurts to shop around first to find low-cost electricity for your home.

                  Action items to keep you organized: 

                  1. Resolve to check all your options before you sign a new electricity contract this year.

                    Start shopping now for low electricity rates and plans

                    If you’re moving soon, your current Texas electricity contract will expire soon, or you’re just curious about what’s out there, check out Everything Energy. Our innovative and FREE tools can help you quickly find and compare low electricity rates from providers you can trust.

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                    The Cheapest Energy Plan? Off-the-Grid Living.

                    Dec 20 2022

                    Feeling a bit of holiday stress? Need a break from the hustle and bustle of the season? Learn a little about the cheapest energy plan out there: living off the grid. 

                    Living off the grid is defined as: not connected to or served by publicly or privately managed utilities (such as electricity, gas or water)

                    One extreme way to get the cheapest energy plan

                    People who live off the grid find other ways to meet their needs for power and running water. (Or they do without.) 

                    For example, 100% of their electricity is generated by power from the sun, the wind or other resources without help from the energy grid. Propane can replace natural gas. You can see how no electricity plan at all can naturally become the cheapest energy plan.

                    Obviously, most of us can’t and/or don’t want to go to that route. But we can incorporate some useful, and potentially money-saving, strategies from those who do.

                    Sampling the off-grid life

                    It takes a lot of time, research and personal energy to live the off-grid life. For the majority of people who prefer their modern creature comforts but also want the best electricity deals, here are a few tips from partial or total off-gridders.

                    1. Install a wood stove (or use the one you have)

                    A wood stove can be used as a primary heat source for your home. It can also heat water for bathing or cooking, heat up food and line-dry clothes.

                    2. Use solar power in some capacity

                    Rooftop solar arrays are becoming a realistic, clean-energy option for many homeowners. But even if rooftop solar is not in your future plans, you can still harness the sun’s power in other ways. A portable solar panel can be used to charge your devices. Or install a solar-powered water heater to cut down on energy usage. This can be an excellent step toward achieving the cheapest energy plan possible for your family without making the extreme leap to off-grid living.

                    The Solar Energy Industries Association ranks Texas as the top state for solar growth in the next five years. So, it may be worth researching your home’s solar power potential. 

                    Tip: Green energy suppliers like Green Mountain Energy offer many ways to support clean, renewable energy.

                    3. Rethink your evenings

                    For many, it’s just a habit to come home from work, eat dinner and then relax in front of the television or play a video game. But studies show that the blue light from screens can disrupt the body’s biological clock and interfere with good sleep. 

                    What would happen if you replaced evening screen time with tech-free activities in front of a warm fire or candlelight? Not only could you improve your sleep, you could also trim some kilowatts from your monthly electric bill. This may not get you the cheapest energy plan like off-gridders, but it could make you more energy efficient than your neighbors.

                    4. Ditch the wi-fi

                    If you’ve gone all-in on idea #3, and you don’t need an Internet connection all the time at home, you might be ready to ditch your modem and router. In addition to saving electricity, you’d also be free of your Internet bill. So, even if you’ve found a cheap electricity company or the best rate, you can still save in related ways. 

                    At the same time, you’d still have some Internet access if your mobile device has a data plan. And if you need the occasional wi-fi connection, you could always hop on the network at a local café or shop for free.

                    5. Use the clothes dryer sparingly

                    There’s something satisfying about hanging clothes and linens outside to dry. At first, it feels like a huge task compared to tossing them into the dryer. But as you go, it’s relaxing and you realize that it doesn’t actually take very long.

                    SpeedQueen, manufacturer of washers and dryers, even says that drying clothes outside in winter (on a dry day, of course) is definitely possible. It just takes a little more time and patience.

                    Compare electricity rates to find the cheapest energy plan

                    Most of us will probably keep our connection to the electricity grid. But that doesn’t mean we can’t look for the best electric company for our needs or search for one that provides the cheapest energy plan for our current, on-the-grid life. 

                    For holiday shopping that’s empowering and easy, visit Everything Energy and compare electricity rates in your area.

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                    Combat Electric Prices this Holiday Season

                    Dec 13 2022

                    It’s mid-December. Have you made a dent in your holiday gift list yet? If you’re still looking for that perfect gift, think outside the box. How about something that will help the receiver combat electric prices and keep their monthly electricity cost down? 

                    From energy-efficient tech gifts to non-tech items and “experience” gifts, we’ve got you covered.

                    Fight electric prices with energy-efficient gifts

                    Take away the stress of today’s electric prices by giving the gift of lower energy usage with these thoughtful present ideas:

                    Smart plugs

                    A few smart plugs placed in the right spots can help lower usage and, potentially, their monthly electricity cost. Use them to reduce phantom load from charging devices, schedule a slow cooker to turn on or off while you’re at work and more. It’s a nifty little gift for the practical person in your life.

                    Smart power strip

                    Like smart plugs, a smart power strip is not the most glamorous of gifts. But it makes up for its lack of sparkle with its utility. Instead of unplugging devices when not in use to avoid standby power loss, a smart power strip lets you cut power remotely without pulling the plug. 

                    Smart thermostat

                    If your gift recipient still has an older thermostat, you could give them an upgrade. A smart thermostat can learn their comfort zone and is easy to control via a mobile app. That makes it possible to adjust temperatures while out and about, reducing waste.

                    The average ENERGY STAR® smart thermostat saves about 8% of heating and cooling costs. With Texas’s long, red-hot summers, the savings could add up and help achieve the cheapest electricity bill possible.

                    Any ENERGY STAR® certified item

                    From light bulbs and laptops to large home appliances, ENERGY STAR® certified products are designed to be energy efficient. If you want a gift that will help defend against fluctuating electric prices in the years to come, look for the ENERGY STAR® symbol.

                    Fight electric prices with non-tech gifts

                    If you’re looking for a gift that doesn’t need to be plugged in to make a difference, try these ideas:

                    Watt meter

                    For the curious, numbers-obsessed person in your life, gift a watt meter. Plug in this handy device in the wall socket, then plug any electronic item into the meter. It measures how much energy the item uses, both in standby mode and when in use. 

                    Your recipient will feel empowered with the added knowledge. Electric prices become a lot less stressful when you know exactly how to cut your usage.

                    Low-flow showerhead

                    People sometimes forget that it takes a lot of energy to heat water. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that low-flow showerheads with the Water Sense label can save the average family 2700 gallons of water each year. That translates to around 330 kilowatt hours annually — enough to power a home for about 11 days. Someone who values utility (and sustainability) would find this gift very thoughtful.

                    Solar power bank

                    A solar power bank is a perfect gift for a friend or relative who is always on the move. Using the sun’s power, this gadget keeps smartphones, tablets, earbuds and other items charged. A device like this will help your recipient forget about electric prices altogether!

                    Solar outdoor lighting

                    Many homes already use solar lighting in gardens, along walkways or around pools. A gift of solar porch lights or safety spotlight can complement existing solar lighting without adding to the electric bill.

                    Push back on electric prices with experience gifts

                    If “stuff” is getting out of hand for your recipient, gift an experience or non-physical present instead. Here are just a few options:

                    Energy audit

                    Give the gift of energy efficiency by arranging an energy audit for your friend or family member. A professional will evaluate their home for inefficiencies and suggest improvements. 

                    Some electricity providers offer this service for free or a small fee. Either way, you’ll be gifting valuable information and action items that can help alleviate the effects of electric prices.

                    Home solar panel consultation

                    Many people want to learn about home solar panels. But they can’t find the time to get the ball rolling. Help start the info-gathering process by setting up a solar installation consultation for them. Who knows — by this time next year, they may be showing off their new rooftop solar array to you!


                    Are you shopping for a person that has everything? Make a donation in their name to an environmentally friendly charity. Find one they’d be honored to support. Sure, it won’t affect their personal electric prices, but it supports the bigger picture of a sustainable future.

                    Compare energy prices to find the best energy deals for your lifestyle

                    Now that you’ve thought about others’ electric prices — and gifts to help ease their monthly electricity costs — compare energy prices for your own home with Everything Energy. 

                    Our personalized tools help you make more exact comparisons to find the best plan for you and your family’s needs. Click here to start searching.

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