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Texas Energy Companies: 4 Eco-Friendly Practices

Sep 27 2022

Today’s Texas energy companies don’t just provide electricity. They also offer some amazing ways for you and your family to become more eco-friendly. And they make it pretty easy too! 

Here are four ways that Texas electric companies — and Texas power itself — have become more planet-focused in recent years.

Paperless billing & Texas energy companies

Also called e-billing, paperless billing removes the need for printed bills. Instead, customers receive bills  online. This reduces paper waste. Customers can then access and pay their bills via email, mobile or web portal. It’s quick and only takes a few clicks.

It’s not a new practice, but paperless billing is an easy way for consumers and Texas energy companies alike to reduce their carbon footprints. This is one small step toward overcoming the problem of paper waste. 

Customers also seem to prefer paperless billing. Fiserv’s Eighth Annual Billing Household Survey shows that 53% of people are interested or very interested in switching their paper bills to e-bills. Only 22% said they’re not interested in that change at all. 

Additionally, Invoice Cloud reports that the top four preferred payment channels are:

  • Online portal – 43%
  • Mobile device – 35%
  • Mailing a check – 6%
  • Paying by phone – 5%

It’s clear that in addition to being eco-friendly, paperless billing is also becoming the preferred way to pay bills.

Most Texas energy companies, including Direct Energy and Cirro Energy, offer the option to go paperless. 

Renewable energy & Texas energy companies

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Texas produced about 26% of the nation’s wind-powered electricity generation in 2021. That led the nation for the 16th year in a row. 

That year, the Lone Star State also led the nation in two other ways. According to CleanPower.org, Texas topped the U.S. in total new clean energy projects and clean power projects under development. 

It’s easy to see the state has a large capacity for clean energy production. That means more Texas energy companies can include wind and solar power in their plan offerings.

How much of a difference can be made by choosing renewables? Green Mountain Energy, based in Houston, has been providing 100% clean energy for more than two decades. To date, its customers have avoided more than 104.1 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. That’s the same as planting over 12.4 million new trees!

Other companies also offer energy made wholly or partially from solar and/or wind. When shopping for electricity, check the Electricity Facts Label. There, you can view each plan’s renewable content.

Green project support & Texas energy companies

Texas electric providers support many charitable efforts. This includes green projects. By donating to non-profits and other groups focused on sustainability, these providers help create a brighter future.

Reliant Energy is one of the Texas energy companies leading the charge. With help from customer contributions, it has raised over $2 million for EarthShare of Texas. This organization over 30 of the state’s most respected environmental organizations. Reliant has also supported organizations like the Texas State Aquarium, the Dallas Zoo and the Galveston Bay Foundation.

Efforts to enhance energy efficiency

Did you know that Texas energy companies want to help consumers conserve electricity? After all, the electricity grid can only handle so much. Keeping resource usage under control benefits everyone. It’s also helpful to the planet.

Many Texas electric companies provide consumers with ways to become more energy efficient. Doing so can also result in budget-friendly bills, which is something Discount Power aims to provide its customers. 

To help you be more efficient, some providers include smart-home tools and solar-powered gadgets that minimize electricity waste. Others offer time-of-use plans. These plans provide lower prices during off-peak hours. This encourages customers to change their habits to help ease demand on the grid. That’s a win for us all. 

Discover Texas energy companies doing good for the planet

As you shop for electricity, notice what types of eco-friendly measures each Texas power company takes. Being eco-friendly benefits the environment. Also, it could positively impact your bill. So check out the options available to you, and start your search today.

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How Texas Energy Providers Power Your Home

Sep 20 2022

Have you ever wondered how Texas energy providers actually power your home? Everything Energy is here with all the info! 

Deregulation and Texas energy providers

The first thing you should know is that most of Texas’ energy sectors have been de-regulated. For a long time, utilities had a monopoly on the state’s power supply chain. This included generation, transmission, distribution, metering and billing. But this all changed in 2002 with deregulation. 

Now, one entity does not control the entire supply chain. Instead, there are three main groups involved in getting power to your home: 

  1. Power generation facilities
  2. Retail Electricity Providers (REPs) (also known as Texas energy providers)
  3. Transmission/Distribution Utilities (TDUs) [You may also hear these referred to as Transmission/Distribution Service Providers (TDSPs).]

Power generation facilities

The electricity Texas uses originates at generating facilities. The three major groups of energy sources are fossil fuels, nuclear energy and renewable energy.


The part of deregulation that most directly affects consumers is REP choice. We have the power to choose Texas retail electricity providers that meet our needs. These providers offer many rates, benefits and options to choose from.

REPs buy electricity at wholesale prices from generation facilities. Then, they resell it to consumers. They also send you your electricity bill. 

REPs compete with each other to earn your business.


TDUs (or TDSPs) are the companies that actually deliver electricity to your home. They operate and maintain the poles, wires and meters.

So, who do I call during a power outage? My utility, or my Texas power company?

On first though, you may think you should report a power outage to the company that sends you your electricity bill. But Texas energy providers don’t handle this issue. Remember, the utility company maintains the poles and wires. If you call your REP, they will tell you to reach out to your TDU. So, it’s a good idea to know how to contact your utility if your power goes out.

Certain utilities serve different areas of Texas. Unlike your REP, you are assigned a utility based on your address. 

Texas has five utility companies:

(For information on outages in your area, simply click on your utility above.)

Why does choice of Texas energy providers matter?

Energy deregulation helps consumers. It takes away the monopoly of utilities. It also forces REPs to offer the most competitive prices. And, partly due to the intense competition among REPs, it forces them to provide better, more customized services to meet people’s unique lifestyles. They are all aiming to be among the best electricity companies in Texas.

Additionally, choice of Texas energy providers matters because it gets you gives you a voice. You can weigh in on the clean energy conversation. For example, some Texas energy companies offer electricity plans with 100% renewable content, from sources like the wind and sun. Other companies offer partial renewable content, while some plans contain a minimal amount of clean energy. Plan choice reflects consumer preferences, affecting the energy sources used by generation facilities.

consumer preferences, affecting the energy sources used by generation facilities.

How do I know which of the Texas energy providers to choose?

Shopping for an REP to power your home used to be complicated and confusing. Now, with innovative tools from Everything Energy that help you narrow down your options, it’s easy to find the plan and Texas power company that best fit your lifestyle and budget. 

Start your search today here.

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TX Power Companies & Energy Education

Sep 13 2022

If you want to learn more about energy, you’re in luck. There are many sources out there for every age, level of interest and schedule. From TX power companies that power homes across the state to in-person workshops, webinars, podcasts and videos, you have many learning paths. Let’s take a look at just a small sampling of what’s available. 

Note: This post contains links to a variety of external resources such as reports, podcasts, videos and books. They are intended for informational purposes only. Everything Energy and its affiliates do not earn commission from purchases made through links to these resources. Any views or opinions expressed in these resources do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Everything Energy and its affiliates.

TX power companies’ resources

For info about electricity, wind and solar panels, energy efficiency and more, go straight to the source. Check out websites from reputable TX power companies. Many electric providers in Texas provide free and helpful resources to educate consumers. 

For example, Reliant Energy has robust web pages on saving energy at homebackup power and even home security and automation

Meanwhile, Green Mountain Energy offers deep dives into clean energy and how you can have a greener impact on the planet. For ways to save, Cirro Energy has a section with simplified tips.

Also, Discount Power TX has a helpful emergency storm resource center. And, Direct Energy has an entire energy-related learning center with tips on home improvement, weather preparedness and moving.

As you can see, there’s a wealth of knowledge out there. But although these Texas electricity companies have a lot of great info, they’re just the beginning.

Education beyond TX power companies

Have you checked out the info from TX power companies and still want to learn more? These resources will give you added insight into the energy industry and Texas power.


  • Energy Use in Homes shows how the electricity consumption in U.S. households varies across regions and housing types.


Videos & Documentaries

  • Switch On is a recent documentary that explores energy across the developing world.
  • Power Trip: The Story of Energy is a six-part PBS series that uncovers the hidden energy behind modern life. Episodes cover water and food to cities and transportation to wealth and war.
  • At 36 minutes, The Power Reset gives a quick peek at how one Bavarian community has made a complete shift to clean energy.


Local events and classes

Now that you’ve checked out TX power companies and other types of resources, what’s next? Maybe a group or in-person energy-related event in your community would be interesting. With a little searching, you can probably find one! Try checking events calendars from your local:

  • City government
  • Libraries
  • Community centers

Local community colleges may also offer unique continuing education courses. Topics could range from renewable energy and electric vehicles to home energy audits and energy conservation.

Also, you may find larger events, expos, webinars and conventions in your region. Here are a couple coming up that you may be interested in.


September 25, 2022
6-7pm Central

Join Texas Southern University’s Professor Hyun-Min Hwang for an online discussion, How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint. You can register for the free event here.


November 11-13, 2022
Times vary

Austin is the final stop of the multi-city Electrify Expo. This weekend festival offers fun for all ages. You can ride, drive and demo the world’s top electric vehicles, e-skateboards, e-bikes and more. Learn more and purchase tickets here

Discover TX power companies in your area

You’ve sampled some of the many ways you can learn more about electricity. Now it’s time to actually get some! Shop and compare energy rates in your area from trusted TX power companies. With Everything Energy’s online tools, you’re just a few clicks away from your perfect energy match. 

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Which Energy Company is Right for You?

Sep 06 2022

Picking an energy company in Texas to power your home can feel like a big task. There’s something for everyone. Yet not everything is a good fit for you.

That’s why you should go into your search knowing what you want. Then, it’s a lot easier and faster to make a choice. So, finding the right energy company for you means first deciding what you’re looking for.

What’s most important to you (and your family)? Sure, price is a factor. But it’s the value you get from the energy company that really matters. Take a look at some common factors involved in choosing from the many electricity providers in Texas.

What is important in an energy company?

Electricity companies all supply power to your home. But that may be where the similarities end. Each one actually offers something unique. To find the energy company that best fits your needs, consider the seven factors below.


Electricity plan term lengths can vary widely. This may be important to your final decision. You might want to lock in a price for a year or more. Or you may like the freedom that a month-to-month plan offers. Your lifestyle and preferences will guide your choice.

Tip: When you shop for electricity plans, you can filter and sort plans by term length


You may feel better choosing an energy company that has been around for many years. Or, one that your family or friends like. No matter your criteria, you’ll want to find an electric company in Texas you trust.

FYI: All of the electricity providers on Everything Energy have a proven track record of serving Texans.

Extras & perks

Electricity companies sometimes offer extra incentives for enrolling. Some incentives may include airline miles, energy-efficient gadgets, bill credits, or gift cards. Factor in the value of these offers. How much they appeal to you? This will help you decide which energy company works best for you. 

Hint: When you search for a home electricity plan on our site, you can filter your results to see plans that offer extras. Just select Perks and Rewards on the search page.

Renewable energy options

Plans that deliver solar or wind power are popular choices. That’s because they make it easy to lower your carbon footprint. So, if you want to be more eco-friendly, a clean energy plan may be your top priority when choosing an energy company.

You can learn more about clean energy from energy.gov.

Did you know? For renewable energy companies, you can’t go wrong with Green Mountain Energy.

Green options

In addition to renewable energy plans, some electricity companies also offer other ways to “go green” at home. This ranges from free eco-gadgets to innovative tools. The aim is to make your home more energy efficient. 

Heads up: Direct Energy and Reliant Energy are two energy providers that often give these types of options.

Ease of service

To some people, talk of kilowatt (kWh) hours and usage can be overwhelming. Don’t forget, energy shopping tools can simplify your search. But there are also companies that put extra effort into making electricity as simple as possible. 

Note: Cirro Energy is an energy company that makes electricity easy from enrollment to billing.

Overall cost

When you’re on a strict budget, cost is king. Keep one thing in mind though; the lowest cost per kWh doesn’t always mean the cheapest electricity. Luckily, you can get personalized monthly bill estimates on Everything Energy. This will help you make apples-to-apples comparisons of your plan options, and that’s very important when evaluating energy rates and plans.

Check it out: Discount Power’s budget-friendly energy solutions keep electricity affordable for Texas residents.

Find the energy company that matches your life.

Looking for an electric company that caters to your lifestyle? Start with Everything Energy. Our one-stop shop offers personalized pricing estimates and easy-to-use search tools. Plus, you’ll find all the info you need to select a new energy plan. Best of all, it’s so easy to use—start shopping today!

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